Thursday, 8 December 2011

Gift Santas, Santa Garlands

Hi all,
Here are the Santa Garlands & Gift Santas, all these stars are so simple to make, great for children to crochet for cheap gifts. I've used the same vintage pattern as before.
For both I've used 8ply/dk and a 3.50mm crochet hook to make smaller stars & a tighter fabric & I'm using English terminology dc (sc for US).

I found the original pattern bulges a bit as you crochet the circle, that didn't really bother me for the stuffed Santas & the gift Santas below as it actually helped shape both designs.

For the Santa garlands though, after round 2, I added another dc (sc) to every round up to round 7, which gave me 40dc. That gave me a smaller star, with 8dc for every point. Following the pattern, for each arm & leg point I did 5 rows red, 2 white & the rest black. For the gloves on all the stars I did less rows to finish, I just preferred them a bit shorter than the original. The face point I did 2 red, 3 flesh, 2 white & the rest red.
The beard, I fastened white to the first row of flesh on the face & worked a dc around the back of each dc's post. Continue with 1ch, 6dc the next row, then decrease each end of every row until you have 1 dc, fasten off.

Finish with beads for the eyes, jingle bells on the hats & star buttons on their bellies. I found they bend over a bit hanging from hand to hand, but a bit of spray starch on the backs should stiffen them enough to behave. I've run out of wall space with Christmas, so hanging them like this filled a narrow space nicely.
                                                                              Gift Santas
The Gift Santa here uses the star pattern with a circle of 8 rounds just using the original pattern, giving you 45dc - 9dc for each point.   Join the hands in the middle then sew the bottom edge of the hands/arms to the legs, putting Santa in a seated position, using the centre of the legs as a starting point. Hot glue a lightweight metallic star onto his hat to finish, unless it's for a young child.
This size holds about 5 wrapped chocs/ lollies or a small gift.
Love to all


  1. These Santa's look really fun and simple to make, I need something quick myself, and I am also running out of time to finish projects.
    Thanks for sharing. Julie.C

  2. Thanks Julie,have a lovely Christmas & New Year & good luck with your new patterns next year. Might have to take up residence at Etsy myself next year - Jen.

  3. Hi Jen, your santa's look too cute! I might give these a go maybe for next xmas . I like doing small projects while watching tv. Can't wait to see the reindeer tea cosy too. sue~nz

  4. Thanks Sue, I've had many late nights working in front of the TV lately, another one tonight I fear.
    There's a pic of the Reindeer Tea Cosy in my blog post - "the good, the bad & the ugly" if you want to have a look. Just don't use the stupid search engine thing I added, the blogger one in the top left hand corner is useless & so is the new one it seems lol. The post is back on the 23/1/2011 - Jen.

  5. please share me the pattern santa my e-mail is
    thanks alot

  6. Crochet SHH the link to the pattern is above, here it is

  7. Hi, any chance of having knitted christmas santas reindeers,etc patterns please? cheers, Marilyn.

    1. Hi Marilyn, if you have a look at my Christmas KAL, CAL page at the top of the blog, there are a couple of Reindeer patterns, and a larger hanging Star Santa :-).

  8. Thank you! Just found your pattern for the star Santa garland. I made a star Santa from construction paper in first grade and my mom still has it. Now, 35 years later, I can crochet her one. She'll love it! Thanks so much!


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