Monday 25 April 2011

Flower Garden Tea Cosy

My last blog post for Easter. Here is the pattern for my Flower Garden Tea Cosy. This is the cosy in the background of my blog title.
 It's another tiny cosy fitting a 1 cup teapot, but at the end I've included the instructions to make a  larger  cosy. It's so easy, & the crochet flowers are a breeze as well.
Here it is, again if there are any mistakes please let me know,

Justjen’s Flower Garden Tea Cosy

Tea cosy measures 32cm circumference, 16cm high, to fit a 1 cup Teapot.

Also included are instructions to make a cosy to fit a Teapot 39cm circumference.


50g 8ply/DK yarn - Grass Green

50g 8ply/DK yarn – Light Blue or Aqua

50g 8ply/DK yarn – Hot Pink

25g approx. 8ply/DK yarn – Yellow

Small amount of a darker green for embroidery

6 yellow buttons

1 pr 5.5mm knitting needles

4.00 mm crochet hook

Tension – 16 sts & 23 rows over 10 x 10cm in st st using 5.5mm needles & 8ply yarn doubled.

Cosy is knitted in 2 pieces with yarn doubled.

Crochet instructions use English Terminology.


Using 5.5mm needles & 2 strands of grass green cast on 25 sts.

Garter st 3 rows.

Starting with a knit row & continuing in green, st st 12 rows (approx. measures 6.5cm from cast on edge).

Change to Aqua & st st 12 rows

Next row (K2, K2tog) to last st, K1 - 19sts.

St st 5 rows.

Eyelet Row - K1, (Yf, K2tog, K1) to end.

St st 3 rows.

Cast Off.

Make back to match.


Using 4.00mm hook & 1 strand of yellow, make 4ch, sl st into 1st ch to form ring.

1st round - 8dc into ring, join with a sl st to first dc. Fasten off.

2nd round - Join pink with a sl st to any dc, (4ch, leaving the last loop of each dtr on hook, work 2 dtr into same dc, yoh and draw through all 3 loops on hook, 4ch, sl st  into same dc (petal), sl st into next dc) repeat 7 more times working last sl st of the last repeat into the first dc of round. 8 petals made.

Fasten off. Make 6 flowers, 3 for front, 3 for back.

Using photo as a guide, sew flowers on (2 outer flowers are centred on the colour change & the centre flower a little higher). I sew the flowers on around the yellow centre then I also put a couple of holding stitches into each petal from the back to keep them looking tidy.

With a backstitch & dark green yarn, stitch in the stems & work a lazy daisy stitch for each leaf.

Sew a button on each flower centre.

You can add extra bee, ladybug or flower buttons to jazz up the garden if you wish.(I'm really trying to use up those bee buttons!!)

With a flat seam, sew up from the bottom as far as the garter stitch, & down from the top to fit your pot’s handle & spout.

Crochet a chain drawstring with yellow yarn, thread through eyelets, tying in a bow.

Being so small, this is quite a snug cosy, if you’re making it for someone elderly, instead of sewing the seam under the handle you can instead add 2 crochet ties, or a button & crochet loop to make it easier to get on & off, if you prefer.

To make a cosy to fit a Teapot 39cm circumference, 12 - 13cm high

Follow the previous instructions but

Cast on 32 sts.

Garter St 5 rows before changing to st st.

St st 14 rows green,

Change to aqua & st st 14 rows.

Next row – (k2, k2tog) to end – 24sts.

St st 5 rows

Eyelet Row – K2, (yf k2tog, k1), to last st, k1.

St st 5 rows.

Cast off.

Hope you enjoy the pattern, please let me know if there are any mistakes - Jenny
© Jennifer Stacey 2011
For personal use, not to be sold for profit.


  1. you realy are a great artist.
    i could`nt get my mouth closed when i looked at"let your hair hang down".
    and now again an fantastic cosy, bravo
    a`m just beginning to knit again and learn everything over again but i`ll really want to make all your cosys hahaa
    greetings miek

  2. Will definately have to try this one it is really lovely! still love the cat one did you make that one as well!

  3. Thanks miek 2, the flower garden cosy is so easy to do.

  4. Thanks Typstatting, the cat one is mine, I just have to go back & go over the pattern & have it test knitted by a lovely lady I know. I keep putting it off,I must be a bit attached to that one lol.

  5. My pleasure Saowalak.p

  6. Thank you for the tea cosy pattern.
    All the cosies that you have made are
    beautiful. What fun you must have been having creating them.
    I like to knit tea cosies, too.
    Thanks again.

  7. Thanks Cheryl, they are lots of fun to make & very addictive - Jen.

  8. what a great cosy! I am a pretty novice knitter - I want to make one but I have worsted weight yarn - since the dk is doubled, would it work to use one strand of worsted?

  9. Hi Stephanie, I think if you use one strand of worsted weight for the smaller cosy it will be too small, as dk is 8ply & worsted weight is 12/14ply.
    You could try the larger size pattern with one strand of worsted weight & the same size needles. I haven't tried it,but I assume it will knit up a bit smaller, you may have to adjust your height as well. Experiment & see how it goes, knit a little & measure it against your pot to see how it works out. Let's know how it goes.

  10. Thanks "Flowers Toronto" it's nice to get feedback - Jen.

  11. I just found you,you are amazing!!! I am completely in love with your "lily" tea cozy;lost my Mom to B cancer 5 yrs ago,and would so love to make one and dedicate too! (I also am a survivor of B cancer,going on 41/2 yrs) I know how it is to do so many things at once,but if you ever have the time to share this one,I would be so grateful!

    1. Oh thanks Heidi,It will be here on the blog before Mother's Day - it's so quick & easy to make - Jen.

  12. Just came across your great blog. I love your colourful imaginative creations. I live in Brissy too. I can't wait to start this cozy.
    Thank you, Sue-Anne

    1. Thanks Sue-Anne, nice to hear from another Brissy girl. Are you n,s,e or west Brissy?

  13. Wow, you should be in business with this. Thanks for sharing the detailed instructions.

  14. Hi! I am making a tea cozy and i was wondering where you bought your tea pot? I'm having trouble finding one. Thanks!

    1. Hi Gloria, not sure how to answer you, are you in Brisbane? I've bought teapots from lots of stores here in Brisbane including second hand. I've bought 2 cup teapots from Robin's Kitchen, Wheel&Barrow, Matchbox, Marcia's on Montague. Other places you could try are the Tea Centre,T2 or any Department or Kitchenware store should at least stock whiteware Teapots, hope this helps.

  15. Hi Jen! I live in the United States! I found two teapots at a second hand shop yesterday! I didn't double up on the yarn, so I needed a super small teapot. Thanks for your reply! I love your tea cosys!!

  16. Hi Jen,

    You are an inspiration! I adapted your Flower Garden tea cozy to an underwater theme, with seaweed, coral and fish. Similar colours and I'm really pleased with the result.

    Thank you so much,

  17. Hi Jen...Being an avid flower gardener I just had to make this cosy for my wee glass tea infuser. I am teaching myself how to crochet (for the flowers) from u tube! I cannot find the abbreviation "ss" on any internet page. Does it mean stocking stitch as in the knitted part of the pattern? Thanks so much for the gorgeous patterns you share and for your time with my question. Shelley.

    1. Hi Shelley, ss should be written as sl st - which is a slip stitch. I've changed them all to the correct term in the pattern for you now and anyone else I've confused. A lot of older books print it as ss, but in today's terms it should be abbreviated as sl st - really sorry.
      Good on you for learning to crochet! Not sure where you live, but the crochet terms used in the pattern are English Terms which I mentioned at the start of the pattern. America uses different terms for different stitches, so if you are learning via YouTube try to get a tutorial with English terminology, or else the stitches will be different. So silly I know! Thanks for liking the pattern, I love tiny little tea cosies because the smaller pots always loose their heat so quickly - Jen

  18. hi jen,
    just found your site. what gorgeous patterns. you are a very talented lady.
    peggy, uk

    1. Thanks Peggy that's so nice of you - Jen.

  19. AnonymousMay 07, 2013

    HEllo Jen,
    From the other side of the world - ie France - heartfelt congratulations on such lovely cosies!!!! I learnt the proper way of making tea whilst i lived in the UK (for 20 years) so earlier todayI i was looking for another tea cosy for my favorite tea pot.... yours are so beautiful, would you make one for me for a fee please - i just have no talent for knitting.... :-( ... please, please???
    Have a great day! - Corinne

  20. Hi Jen, thanks for this, i just replied to you but the yahoo server says this address doesn't work, though i did not make an error because i copied/pasted it... :-(

  21. Thanks a lot Jenny, i had NOT copied the ".au" at the end of the address, that's why!! i sent you a pm. many thanks again!

  22. Love this tea cosy pattern - you are wonderful to share it! I am so happy to have foundyour blog too!

  23. Merci beaucoup pour ce magnifique modèle.


  24. Está muy hermosa.

  25. Going to copy Garden Tea Cozy. Looking through this page it has occurred to me that is a British site. I am so thrilled. I was born in England and was taught to knit at school when I was 5 yrs of age, boys and girls were both taught to knit. This came in handy as we spent time in the Air Raid shelters as the bombs were falling all around us. I am almost 80 yrs of age and I'm still knitting. My thumb on my left hand is giving me some problems. I have lived in the US for over 60 years. Have taught many many people how to knit, this was back before knitting wasn't heard of. I'm happy that it has become so popular in the last 10 - 15 years. I love your patterns and plan to use them in the future. Thank you, this is a lovely site.

    1. Thank you for your lovely post. I'm so pleased you are still knitting, it does keep the mind and joints active doesn't it. Even more impressed you are here on the net - good for you! My Mother knitted socks as well during WW2, to send over to our troops. I have trouble with my thumb also, but on my right hand. I learnt to knit when I was about 7or 8 I think, but I liked crocheting more back then in the 70's. It is wonderful knitting has become popular again, and so many young people are taking it up, even men! xx Jen

  26. Love, love love this!! Thank you for sharing this pattern, you are so talented! I hope my finished project will be as pretty as yours (I am still in the beginner stages!)

    Your a doll!

    Im A Georgia Peach @ Ravelry

    1. Oh thank you Gina!! This is one of the easiest Tea Cosies you'll ever make, but if you have trouble just email me or see me on Ravelry xx :-).

  27. Just love this! The colours, the ease of design, Just brilliant. A true artist.

  28. Wow thanks so much xx - Jen.

  29. Well I am so pleased that the technique for knitting tea cosies is alive and well ! I am so taken with all the patterns and will be visiting a shop to knit some of the patterns. You have inspired me


    Tyler Harrison

  30. AnonymousMay 06, 2015

    I love your tea cosy and it is going to be the second item I have knitted in over 30 years! I have inherited my mother in laws knitting needles and crotchet hooks and a few from my mum too>. My mum knitted constantly! Every new baby in the area got a bonnet or helmet and the grandchildren were spoilt too. So.. I am not a grandmother yet but feel I must re learn the art of knitting, in memory of two lovely ladies and as a treat for the next generation! Oh my first item was a scarf!!!! Thank you so much for your beautiful design. I will send a message when i finish the cosy... but don't hold your breath... i am a little slow at the moment. With friendly greetings Lynda

    1. You're very welcome Lynda, thank you for taking the time to write such a nice comment to me :-).

  31. Goodday, I've knitted the above tea cosy, its beautiful, thanks for the pattern and instructions. I would like to donate the Tea Cosy to our local Tea Cosy for Cancer drive in Klerksdorp South Africa. They want to sell the cozies to renovate the home for their cancer patients relatives. After I finished knitting the cosy I saw its only for personal use. May I have your permission to donate the cosy and for the Tea Cosy for Cancer drive to sell the cosy? Thank you and greetings from South Africa

    1. Yes you may Anneke, good luck with the fundraising :-).

  32. Thank you very much 💐💐💐💐

  33. Adorable Tea Cozy. I'm a knitter and get excited when there are cute items available to knit. Thank YOU for being so gracious.


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