Thursday 18 October 2012

Reindeer Christmas Cup Cosy

I thought I'd take a bit of a break from what I've been doing and share this little pattern, as Christmas is quickly approaching...                                                

 Reindeer Christmas Cup Cosy 

You might recognize Rex The Reindeer's head. It was just the right size for this little gift idea for teachers, workmates or just Reindeer lovers like me. Fill the cup or mug with chocolates or marshmallows, and include your favourite Hot Chocolate recipe to make it even more special.

This cup cosy is designed to go on a cup or mug with a handle. I don't recommend using it on handle-less cups of hot liquid.

There is a small amount of crochet required for the antlers and the button loops. English Crochet terms are used.

Size - The cup cosy measures 22 cm wide (unstretched), 8cm high. It will fit a cup 24cm circumference or larger, by adjusting the size of the button loops.
50g Red 8ply/DK yarn
Small amount  of Tan 8ply/DK yarn for reindeer 
Small amount of Beige 8ply/DK for antlers
2 black beads for eyes
4mm knitting needles
3.25mm knitting needles
3.00mm crochet hook for antlers and button loops
Fibrefill for stuffing.
Black yarn for mouth
2 buttons.

Cup Cosy
The cosy is knitted in Fisherman's Rib. There are several versions of this stitch, this one is a half Fisherman's Rib, where there is a right and wrong side, it makes a lovely warm cup cosy and it's a little more stretchy than a normal rib.

Abbreviations - K1B - Knit below - knit into the stitch directly below the next st on the needle, and knit as normal, slipping both this stitch and the one from the current row off the needle together.
With 4mm needles and Red loosely cast on 43 sts - leave 30cm of yarn before the cast on, to crochet the button loops at the end.
Row 1 (Wrong Side) K1, (P1, K1) to end
Row 2 (Right Side) P1,( K1B, P1) to end
Repeat these 2 rows until you have 32 rows
Loosely Cast off, leaving 30cm of yarn at the end for the button loops.

Head – make 1
Starting at base of head
Using 3.25mm needles & Tan cast on 11 sts 
Row 1 – P
Row 2 – K, increasing in every st – 22 sts.
Starting with a P row st st 9 rows.
Row 12 – (K2,K2tog) to last 2 sts, K2 – 17sts.
Starting with a P row st st 3 rows.
Row 16 – (K2, K2 tog) to last st, K1 – 13sts.
Starting with a P row st st 7 rows.
Thread yarn through remaining 13sts & fasten off tightly. Leave a long thread for sewing up.

With right sides facing out & using a mattress stitch, sew up seam from top of head (cast off edge) leaving the cast on edge open for stuffing. Stuff firmly then sew a gathering st around bottom edge & pull tightly to close, fasten off.

Ears – Make 2
With 3.25mm needles & Tan cast on 10sts.
 St st 2 rows.
Next Row – Working in st st, decrease both ends of every row until 2 sts remain. 
K2 tog - Fasten off.
Fold ear in half at the cast on edge & sew across, sew this edge to side of head, use photo as a guide.
Antlers are made as one piece then folded in the middle to make two antlers.
With 3mm crochet hook & Beige make 27ch. 
Miss first ch, 26dc, turn.
Sl st into each dc to end, fasten off. 
Attach yarn to 6th slst from either end with a sl st, make 6ch.
Miss first ch, dc in remaining 5ch, then sl st in to next st on main antler, fasten off.
Repeat at the other end of antlers. 

Sew in all ends, fold in half so you have 2 antlers and sew to back of head at this fold about 1cm down from top.

For this project don't position your antlers straight up, but a little on the angle so they don't stick up too far over the cup (see main pic).
Using 3.25mm needles & red, cast on 4 sts.
Row 1 - P 
Row 2 - K increasing in every stitch - 8sts.
Row 3 - P
Row 4 - K, increase at each end of row - 10sts.
St st 3 rows.
Row 8 - K, decrease each end of row - 8 sts.
Row 9 - P 
Row 10 - K2 tog to end - 4sts.
Row 11 - P
Cast off leaving a long thread to gather up nose.
Sew a gathering thread around edge of nose, place a tiny amount of stuffng in the nose then pull stitches tight, forming the nose (see main pic). Fasten off. 
Sew in place on face.
Sew beads on for eyes & stitch in a mouth with backstitch.

Make Up
Sew the Reindeer head to the front of the cosy, keeping it closer to the bottom, so that the antlers don't sit too far above the cup. If you attach it facing you, when you drink, you'll have a little reindeer head getting in your way, so it's best facing out :-). If the recipient is left handed, you'll have to consider that when making it up.

Make the button loops using the left over yarn attached at both ends of the back side edge. With the 3mm crochet hook, make a sl st into the side of the cosy, near the top edge. 
Work 5ch or more, depending on your size cup and button. Work another sl st a couple of rows down on the side to form a loop for the button. Fasten off and sew in the ends.
Repeat with the yarn left at the bottom edge. 
Sew your buttons to the front and you're all done.
As always let me know if there are any mistakes - thanks Jen.

© Jennifer Stacey 2012
For personal use, not to be sold for profit.

             Let me know if you're interested in the Cat Lover's Cup Cosy  

or the Cat Pendant from a previous post I'm a Tiny Bit Superstitious and I'll include the pattern for the cat in a future post (available now, read below)

ETA The pattern for the Cat Face for the Cat Cup Cosies is now available HERE.
If you wish to make a Cat Cup Cosy, follow the instructions for the Reindeer cosy (above), add stripes if you like, but replace the Reindeer head with the Cat.

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  1. I would LOVE to see both cat patterns! Hope you will incude them both in future posts!

  2. thankyou so much, I love it.

  3. Would love both of the cat items... would make great christmas presents for my cat lover friends! Thanks for providing these great patterns! Michele

  4. Thanks Texicanwife, I'll put up the pattern soon - Jen.

  5. Thanks Shirley Kadel for your lovely comment - Jen

  6. Hi Michelle I'll put the cat pattern up soon, thanks for your feedback (they also make cute tree decorations) - Jen.

  7. I have a daughter who is reindeer crazy. She would love one of these! How cute. Thanks for the pattern!

  8. So pleased you like the pattern Danette, I hope your daughter likes it, I'm reindeer crazy as well. I'm making some Reindeer tree ornaments just from the same pattern to donate. They have a little bow and Jingle Bell, I'll post a photo before I send them off - Jen.

  9. Hello Jenny, I tried to do a copy and paste so I can print the pattern, as I see no other way to print it. When I go to print, there is a big section cut out of the pattern. It's there when I paste it, just not when I go to print preview. I am unable to knit while sitting at the computer, so I need a printed copy. Can you help, please?

    1. Yes of course! Send me your email address and I'll send you a pdf of the pattern - Jen.

  10. I would love the pdf pattern. This is so cute and so kind of you to share it. not many do!!! Thanks tons Jen...... Diane

  11. Dear Justein! Thank you for the idea!
    i really like your cup cosy deer. But as i have not knitted for 10 years i almost forgot all the terminology. but my hands fortunately didn`t forget how to do it:)
    please explain for me another abbreviations except K1B. what means P, K, K1 tog etc (concerned to Head).
    Thank you in advance from Ukraine.

    1. Hi a-seleznyova, P means purl, K means knit, do you mean k2 tog that means knit 2 stitches together, as a way of decreasing in the row. Knit 2 stitches together by putting the needle through the next 2 stitches from left to right, then knit and slip them off the needle as you would one stitch. Hope this helps :-)

    2. Yes, thank you very much!
      I have finished with the cosy, the head but i realized that i don`t remember how to knit by crochet hook :(
      probably my deer will be a small one and girl who doesn`t have any antlers:)

    3. I'm pleased I could help you Natalia ... you might be able to find some gold tinsel pipe cleaners to make antlers, but be careful and fold all the sharp ends in - I'd hate them to poke someone in the eye while they were drinking :-).

    4. I`m afraid it would not be good to poke in the eye.
      Maybe it`s possible to knit them with needles? but i unfortunately i can`t imagine the proper scheme for them. Maybe you would be so kind to help me with it?

  12. And i wanted to add..You have absoultely gifted hands!:)

    1. Thank you - you are very kind. I hope you enjoy your knitting again after so long :-)

    2. i was absolutely enjoying it!

  13. You could experiment yourself and see what you come up with. Knitted antlers may not be rigid enough to stand up without stiffening, that's why crochet works well for them. Perhaps you have a nice friend or neighbour close to you who could do that little piece of crochet for you :-).

  14. Hi I would love a PDF also if possible.

    I just do not want my email address published here?

    Please advise.



  15. I have just found you! What a gem. I shall keep coming back for more as I do a lot of fundraising for cancer charities and local schools. Thank you so much for your ideas. Fabulous :-))

  16. Thanks Louise for your nice comment, it's always nice to get some positive feedback :-)

  17. The link to the cat head says it is broken :(


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