Friday, 14 January 2011

Teddy Bears for Brisbane & Country Flood Victims.

My heart goes out to everyone in Brisbane, the Lockyer Valley & country areas, who have tragically lost loved ones, in this horrifying flood.
 I have lived in Brisbane my whole life, & while luckily our home has not been affected, many we know have been. I was 11 when the 1974 floods wiped Brisbane out, & in disbelief  it's happened again.
A few of us at Knitting for Brisbane's Needy are knitting trauma teddies for the flood victims here in Brisbane & surrounding country areas. If anyone would like to knit or crochet a teddy to donate, there are many free patterns on the net, or I can pm you this one. All we ask is they don't have any buttons or detachable eyes so they are suitable for children under 3 years.
K4BN is a respected charity knitting group, who's members knit, crochet, & sew year round, to provide items for the homeless & needy in Brisbane & surrounding areas. Everything we make goes directly to those who need it, either by our hands, or through other reputable charities who deal directly with the needy.
The link for the group is here in my favourites, or I can pm anyone details for the mailing address,

EDITED 4th March 2011,
 Due to the floods & economic down turn in Brisbane caused by the floods, K4BN will be inundated with requests for warm items this Winter.
Scarves, beanies, jumpers for adults, kids, babies, fingerless gloves, blankets are all in high demand, so if anyone would like to donate anything, please contact the group. Even one item will keep one person a little warmer this Winter.
 With my love to all


  1. Hi Jenny - we are a group of knitters down here in Johannesburg South Africa. We are looking for a trauma teddy pattern for our new project, soft toys for the Teddy Bear Clinic for Abused Children and would dearly love to have this lovely one on your blog. Would you kindly send us the pattern? We have the Red Cross trauma teddy pattern but this one is much nicer! warmest wishes from South Africa.

    1. Hi, my pattern was pretty much the same as the red cross, I just made it a little larger and sewed across the arms and leg joins so it would sit. But I tend to just use the red cross pattern now, so the donated bears are a universal size. This is an excellent site, they have a newer knitted bear pattern and a crochet one as well :-).

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