Sunday, 2 January 2011

First post - Packing away Christmas

I do love to "Deck the Halls" at Christmas, having made lots of handmade things over the years. I culled a lot this year, giving some things to a friend's Grandparents who decorate their house every year for the local Christmas Lights Competition.The kids are now becoming adults, but they admit they still love the place being Christmassy, so the tradition will continue for now anyway. The favourites will always be the Santa's. I hope to share some patterns later this year for cloth Santa's but until then, they are all safely packed away for another year (& I will also dust the blue sewing machine on the floor in the photo oops).I wish everyone Peace & Joy for the new year - Jenny.


  1. Helloooo
    Welcome to blogland oh tea cosy one.
    LOOK at your fab tea cosy mouse.
    Love him.
    Have fun.

  2. Oh Thanks Loani, you're always so lovely & supportive.
    I have no idea what I'm doing!!!

  3. Hi Jenny, I just stumbled on your page and I love it! You are so creative! If you have any tips on how to hide the ends when you put the pieces together, I would love to hear it. I made my nephew a stuffed monkey and now there are strings hanging out everywhere.
    Also I really love the blue cozy with the frangipanis on it, do you have a pattern for that one? It's beautiful!!


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