Thursday, 18 July 2013

Yella's Skull Crochet Pattern

I know there are lots of skull patterns around, but this one popped up in my news feed on facebook the other day. It's free!
I tracked it back through Pinterest, then to another facebook site, but I'm so happy I found the original designer this morning. Thank you so much for the pattern Yella. Check out her blog. Here's the link.

I made a few on the weekend, so that I had a couple of pics for the page, I didn't have a plain white lampshade, so this had to do. I changed the teeth a little from the pattern but that's just me fiddling....I like the original teeth just as much.

The pattern is written in Swedish terms, there's a great photo tute, but if this helps - 
an air chain, is our chain, a chain is our dc.. I think?  (sc for Americans).

I used 8ply/dk and a 3.50 mm hook, and they turned out 10cm high. Very cute pattern!!
When I finish what I'm doing atm, I plan on making another project with the skulls, I'll come back and post a pic when it's done. I'm a bit excited, to see what it will look like.  No not a tea cosy that's already been done  :-)). 
Go and thank Yella for the pattern, it's a nice thing to do :-P

Thanks for visiting,
Jen xx 


  1. Skulls are so not my thing!!!.... but they are the thing for many judging by the design, patterns, tats etc that are around on the internet. having said that they do look cute hanging across your dresser - would be great for a pirate birthday party!!

    1. No I'm a bit old to be wearing them, but I like quirky things, and they are a bit addictive once you start making them. I've always had a house full of spiders and skulls, and spooky things, bringing up 3 boys (and even some of the things was theirs not mine lol), so par for the course. We don't do Halloween here, but I hear it's big elsewhere :-)


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