Finders Keepers

A little weekly post about what I find and why I'm keeping it...

Finders Keepers - Knitting Crochet Macramé Book 1970s

Finders Keepers - Tiny Teapots

Finders Keepers - 1952 Australian Home Journal

Finders Keepers - Wooden Beads Bracelet

Finders Keepers - A toy Singer Sewing Machine & String Art

Finders Keepers - Cromalin WilloWare and the Elephant

Finders Keepers - Family Jewels  

Finders Keepers - Teacup Pigs Can Fly      

Finders Keepers - Woolloongabba         

Finders Keepers - Swan Lake & 60's/70's Pattern Books 

Finders Keepers - Tristram's Glasses and the $1 Quilt Calendar  

Finders Keepers - Tiny Blue Things,Tiny Retro

Finders Keepers - I'm Living In The Seventies

Finders Keepers - Smoking Clog, Dress Up and Nice Rock Revisited 

Finders Keepers - Lost and Found   

Finders Keepers - Hand-some Things  

Finders Keepers - Bargain Buys Brisbane & Beyond Part 1 NEW

Finders Keepers - Bargain Buys Brisbane & Beyond Part 2  NEW


  1. AnonymousJuly 04, 2013

    Wonderful tea cosy patterns! Love them! Where can I get the pattern for the 'Beach Babe cosy' - would love to make one of those!


  2. Thanks Wendy, I haven't released the pattern because I sell the Tea Cosies, sorry - Jen.

  3. AnonymousJuly 09, 2013

    Have you consider selling the patterns copyright? This way you make money and we can make one

  4. The link for the Harry Potter Christmas Ornaments doesn't work. I get a message that the link to a tea cozy is broken. I would like to knit them for my daughter and granddaughter, for next year. I have too much to do to knit them for this year.

  5. The link doesn't work because the patterns are no longer available sorry.
    I decided to take them off the net because Harry and friends are licensed characters.
    The pattern was only on my blog for less than 24 hours. I think I deleted all the links to it here on the blog, but unfortunately I can't do anything about the links other sites have to it - sorry :-).

  6. Hiya, on pinterest I have a pic of a stripy cat tea cosy that links to this page. Do you own this tea cosy and I was wondering if you have a pattern for it? I made your zig zag striped tea cosy for my sister and my mum now wants me to make her a tea cosy and she liked the cat one. Thanks very much

  7. Do you have a crochet pattern for the goat? Thanks, Jean


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