My love of designing knitted and crochet Tea Cosies started me blogging in January 2011.
I needed a place on the net to share a rather silly tea cosy pattern (Fester the Goat in the Well) and so the blog was born.

Since then I've shared my knitting, crochet, sewing, collecting, and anything else I'm game at having a go at.
I love girly things, but I love a good laugh too, so I hope you can see some of that love in my designs.

I live in Brisbane, Australia with my family. My 3 "now grown up" boys are always there to lend a hand with the computer stuff I can't do, with the lifting of furniture I can't do, and they kindly ignore my  yarn stash, tea cosies and craft mess dotted around the house. They inspire me, encourage me, make me laugh, make me proud and constantly make me aware of why I was put on this earth.
I hope you find something you like here
Thanks for visiting