Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Finders Keepers - Bargain Buys Brisbane & Beyond Part 2

This next day trip was to Esk, stopping briefly at Woodford on the way through.
We live north of  Brisbane, so this is the quickest, and most scenic way to Esk for us. Sorry but you'll have to put up with my phone photos as I didn't take my camera this time. 
I wasn't planning on taking any pics, only treasure hunting  ....until we arrived at Esk! 

We've done Woodford before, so I just wanted to stop at "the Penguin Lady's" Store.
Don't worry, I'm not being terribly rude, she has a large blow up penguin at the front of the store lol. 
It's in the old Fire Station on the left hand side, before you get to Woodford township (coming from the highway/Caboolture). 
She always has some lovely old plates, kitchenalia, some vintage craft items and doileys, and really a very nice array of things. So if you're driving through, please stop and have a look around. 

I was really pleased I stopped in for a visit.

I found two of these bowls, (I left a third one behind), for $5 each,
and I couldn't resist this lovely vintage "new" set of 3 doileys to embroider, in blue of course.
Here's a close up of the design, it's lovely isn't it. $10 for the set.

Off to Esk after that. 
It's been about 10 years since we've been there, and with the internet's advice, it looked a little more vibrant than what it was last time. 
It's really a nice place to visit now. Still a small town centre, but with lot's of little shops, and lovely eateries popping up everywhere, in response to the tourist trade. 
I think the population surrounding Esk has increased too, making it more attractive for local businesses.

I do apologize for the photo quality,  I had to take some photos of the Staging Post Inn. 
It was originally called the Metropole Hotel, built to replace the first Metropole Hotel which burnt down in 1932.    

This lovely old pub is the home of Steven Salt Antiques. 
O.M.G. this is where we spent the rest of the day ... literally.
It is a must see, especially if you're a serious collector! As you wander through the building, including the whole top floor, you find it is packed to the brim with antique and vintage furniture, wares, china, glass, clocks, and a few 1800's hand cranked sewing machines. Yes I'm saving up to go back to look at those :-) 
It still has all the decor of the old pub, which was part of the attraction for my Husband and I.

This is the centre hall upstairs, with guest rooms on each side, all the rooms are full of items for sale.

                                          We explored every room like we were in time warp.


The budget section

There are a lot of high end items, but also plenty priced similarly to stores in Brisbane, it is just vast!
Mr Jenny found the budget section which is the whole length of the enclosed verandah upstairs.
This is where I shopped this time, but I am saving up to go back again!
Hmmm how did I miss that pretty pink square dish in the foreground of my photo :-(.

Mr Jenny found this, and thought I'd like him to buy it for me. Yes I worded that correctly I think lol. We did have a joke about what it has been used for ??? 

I found a Bouillon cup 

Two of the sweetest little cups. Unfortunately when I took the price tags off, one was hiding a chip inside the rim,  but at $4 each - meh I can live with it.

And finally, my $5 Creepy Monkey.

 I don't like monkeys at all! Scary little things they are, but he's now part of our family.
To the side of the main building, there is, what could only be described as a Garden Statue Graveyard, with a bulk buy of white statues, old garden art, cast iron, and a couple of these cheap Asian import monkeys. 
I always like to buy something that reminds me of our day trip, and for $5 he was it. 
My lovely facebook friends have already told me I'm not wrong, he is CREEPY LOL.

So that's the trip to Esk. 
Oh by the way, if you do come home northbound, the same way we did, keep an eye out for the remnants of the Brisbane Valley Railway Line 
The line was closed section by section in the 1990's but you can spot remnants of it, and the old river crossings are still there. I was fascinated and couldn't wait to get home and find some history on the old line. You can now bike the areas of the track, which continues up to Blackbutt. I would have stopped to take some pics, but after you've made a man drive 4 hours and go antique shopping in between - I decided against asking lol.
Thanks for visiting - Jen xx.


  1. Wow - that Seven Salt antiques looks a bit dangerous - I wouldn't leave there without something either. Maybe not the monkey though! cheers Wendy

    1. Yes Wendy deadly for the bank account lol. I'm looking forward to going back one day!

  2. We haven't been to Esk for about 10 years as well, love those big old houses. That antique shop looks a little creepy, but you came home with some lovelies.

    1. Simmone we thought the ghosts would come out at night and rattle the china too. Great place to explore.


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