Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Finders Keepers - Bargain Buys Brisbane and Beyond

We've been exploring, taking a couple of much needed day trips out of Brisbane.
It's been good to get away, and I hope to do a few more over Summer, now all the kids are self sufficient and don't need us, at least for a day!
I've also found some nice things locally, always on a shoe string budget of course, but that's all part of the fun isn't it.
Nothing posh I warn you, just a few things for my nest.

We drove around the Kalbar - Aratula region, 

The countryside was so dry, we need rain!!

Let it be known that every Australian town, no matter how small, will have TWO Pubs ...at least.

Then we came across  The Wiss Emporium at Kalbar 

What a lovely surprise, a beautifully restored historical building in a tiny town. Run by the local craftswomen in the area and full of exceptionally good quality craft items. 

Not a lot of Antique/Vintage finds on this trip I'm afraid,  so I only came home with one little old Teapot.

But with some Metal Polish, it came up like new, but be careful if you use it on your colour anodized pots, it will take some colour out if they are worn already.

Back to Brisbane and to my favourite local haunts, one Friday afternoon. 
It was going to be glass day it seemed, nothing designerish, just things to colour my world.
I didn't plan to buy glass, but one has no control over what one finds, all part of the intrigue!

The red glass plate was my favourite find, and also a favourite of the lovely young man who often serves me.
He went wow, and held it up to the light to look through it. I smiled. 
His wonder at it made me go home ....and do the same. 

I don't know if looking through rose coloured glass is soothing, I think it looks a little apocalyptic!
The red glass plate and the cute Orange vase were $2 each. 
I have a thing for Blue and Orange lately.
And the 3 pink glasses were 50c each, reduced for the day at another favourite store at Brendale,
where I also found this for $1 a while ago. It has to be a happy day, when you spend a few dollars and come home with such treasures, for me anyway.

The pink and gold glasses will make pretty Tea Light holders, out on our table this Summer. 

I never consider it a successful hunt, unless I find a vintage pattern of some sort, that really makes my day!  
I got lost browsing through the books, as you do, and came across an old Afghan book for $1.

Wow! Full of some adorable traditional fabric quilts, but it was the crochet patterns that were  alluring but alarming at the same time, you'll see what I mean.

There are no "quick" quilts in this book. The coloured centres of each square on this one, are actually long multicoloured strips of crochet which have been joined and gathered into a circle, then sewn onto the black square! ... I told you they were alarming lol. It's very effective though isn't it?

And this one....

Is on my list, I adore it.

This next one is a challenge to say the least. 

It did catch my eye when I was thumbing through the book, and would have been one of the afghans I would have loved to attempt ...BUT
You need to crochet a neutral "canvas" base in Tunisian Crochet using one of these 
An Afghan/Tunisian Crochet Hook ,which is like a set of long circular Knitting Needles, but with a crochet hook. I have a normal Tunisian hook - um it's still in it's packaging :-).
THEN you have to cross stitch the design onto the backing. 
I'm exhausted just explaining it.
But not all is lost, it has a pattern chart for the design, which should be easy to replicate with normal crochet - normal I say!!  Perhaps a cushion attempt for this one.

I think I might do the items from Esk and Woodford on a 2nd page ... part 2, just so they load easier. 
It's the "Blue" page.
Thanks for coming and having a look,


  1. What a lovely post and lovely places, tfs

    1. Thanks Sue, it's always nice doing something different weekends, isn't it. Jen.

  2. I'm crocheting a large ripple/chevon Afghan at the moment in cream, orange and green. It's larger than I originally thought but is looking good. Love your buys. I love knitting, crocheting and spinning. Have just got myself some baby alpaca fleece and am patiently trying to card it before spinning. Will take me ages because I've also got knitting and crocheting projects on the go. Oh well, it beats being bored!

    1. I know! It's that time of year isn't it. I have a list of things to make for gifts. I'm like you at the moment, lots of different things on the go ... it's good to keep busy. The fleece sounds beautiful.

  3. Those crochet patterns sure seem complicated that's for sure, but very stunning results!!

    1. I agree Sharmayne, lots and lots of extra sewing up for these, something no one likes to do lol.

  4. That is a great hobby that you have and to go touring in search of things is a bonus. Great finds.

    1. Thanks Diane, yes it's great we can take off a bit more now.The beginning of our freedom Yipee!!


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