Thursday, 29 August 2013

Having A Go Coffee Shop

This week saw the opening of a new Coffee Shop with a difference in Brisbane.
JUST ADDED 5/9/2013 - A new video by the ABC on Grant and Having A Go Coffee                                            

The OFFICIAL OPENING is this Saturday 31st August - see the fb link for details.

at 262 Old Cleveland Rd
is the creation of Grant The Polite Guy. If you don't know Grant, visit his blog HERE, or the link to the fb page above. You'll be touched by his outlook on life.

Grant was once homeless himself due to a series of events that could happen to any one of us!
He now works tirelessly to help not only the homeless, but those in Brisbane who are struggling.
We went over for a Coffee on Sunday and met Grant and the lovely lady Bernie, who works tirelessly herself to help the needy.

- Drop in and have a Coffee,
20c of every Coffee goes towards organizing free BBQs for the homeless through Grant's charity Signal Flare . Grant has already signed up his first trainee Barista at the shop, and with his background as a Chef, he hopes to keep employing and training people to get them back on their feet and off the streets.
I can't tell you how much it changes a person's life, by giving them not only a job, but training that gives them a trade for the rest of their life. I've seen it with my own 3 sons.

-Buy A Suspended Coffee 
The history of Suspended Coffees originated in Naples - Caffe sospeso allegedly over 100 years ago.
I first heard of it being offered in the Cafes and Coffee shops in New York a couple of years ago.
A suspended coffee is a coffee you buy and donate to someone less fortunate than yourself.
Buy a suspended coffee, or suspended coffee and muffin, while you're at Grant's shop and you'll get a suspended coffee token to put in the jar. It will pass on to a homeless person who perhaps hasn't had anything to eat today, please let them know they have not been forgotten by society!

Grant also accepts donations of clothes, toiletries, blankets at the shop, all of which are redistributed straight to those in need at the Signal Flare BBQs.

The shop has a great area for small groups to meet up, ( I'm hoping to get there with some other's for a knit),
the staff are so friendly and the Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Muffins were great :-)

Please drop in and support them - Jen.


  1. What a great idea - I've just read Grant's blog and now I know what a 'suspended' coffee is.


    1. It is a great idea Penny,I wish Grant every success fore-filling his dream.

  2. Fabulous concept. I'm always looking for places where knitters can meet, have a coffee and a chat and share their knitting experiences.

    1. There's a nice little area there for a group of knitters Mel, and Grant and Bernie are used to knitters so they would definitely welcome you :-)

  3. Hi Jenny,
    That looks like a nice
    little stop off point.
    Cheers, Anita.


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