Saturday, 17 August 2013

Finders Keepers - Hand-some Things

Some recent finds relating to hands, some will be a stretch, but we'll give it a go


Evening bags actually, from the local Salvos, the little gold one was $2

The lovely Vera May one was
buried under everything else and was $6. I'd bought the gold one just to use the frame, but I love them both so much hanging together, it get's to stay the way it is.

HAND knitted Tea Cosy - my very first Tea cosy knitted by my dear Mum 20 years ago.

Quilt Panel for $1, not my room colours but it was so nice I couldn't resist. It will be HAND quilted and made into a bag.

Another vintage Peanuts Tea Towel. Of course you dry your HANDS with these, told you some were going to be a stretch :-)


Tiny mittens to hold treats on the Christmas Tree or strung into a garland (thank you to the ladies from the Christmas Group on Ravelry for showing me this pattern xx)

A crochet glove pattern perfect for a Vintage / Steampunk Wedding,


Succulent planters made by pouring concrete into rubber gloves ... creepy or cool ... you decide!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, it's supposed to be mainly sunny and a mild 25c in Brisbane tomorrow. What will everyone be doing?


  1. An interesting bunch of hand some things. Very clever. I like the quirky hands full of plants.

    1. I like the plant hands too Dianne, would like to give it a go :-).

  2. A very 'handy' post - I also like the hand gardens - would also like to have a go at making them - a 'handful' of plants!! Love the teapot cosy too!

    1. Lol, I wonder if we could hand-le making the planters on our own - terrible! If you'd like the Cosy pattern I think I have it in Mum's books xx.


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