Thursday, 25 July 2013

Travel The World With Me - Thursdays

Every Thursday I'll choose, from my past blog stats, a city or town, somewhere in the world.
I'll post a pic and the Wiki about it.
If any of my readers live there, by all means post a comment, and let us know.
I'll list your blog or website if you have one, any charities you'd like to promote in the area, or just something about your home town or city.
If nothing else we'll learn about some interesting places.

This week
                                                           St. Thomas - Ontario

As I started reading, I realized this was the city I saw on Canadian Pickers, just a few weeks ago (we're probably very behind in episodes here in Australia). They researched the authenticity of 
a Train Bell, possibly belonging to the train that killed the famous Jumbo the Elephant, in St.Thomas in 1885. 
Every city or town has something remarkable in their history, don't they! You'll also find a link to Jumbo in the Wiki on St Thomas. 
Jen xx


  1. Wow, that's really interesting..and I love your worldy travel posts :)

  2. Great idea Jenny! And some of the facts that you unearth may come up at a trivia Night and I'll be set! lol

    1. Oh Maria you should join my Husband's Trivia Team, they need all the help they can get :-P


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