Thursday, 18 July 2013

Travel The World With Me - Every Thursday

Well! Two posts in one day! Obviously Thursday is my "at home" day.
So I ummed and arred last week about doing this, but hey what the hell!

Every Thursday I'll choose, from my blog stats, a city or town, somewhere in the world.
I'll post a pic and the Wiki about it.
If any of my readers live there, by all means post a comment, and let us know.
I'll list your blog or website if you have one, any charities you'd like to promote in the area, or just something about your home town or city.
If nothing else we'll learn about some interesting places.

This week I chose
The Glasshouse Mountains Qld. Australia

Ok this one might not be completely random lol
 I've included 2 links, for the township and the actual Glasshouse Mountains National Park.
 Now I'm pretty sure Glasshouse is spelt as one word?,_Queensland

Laurajane ....I'm coming to Coventry - Yay :-).

I'll set up a separate page when I get time, so you can all go back there and have a read xx


  1. There are some mighty fine sceneries in
    our world. Just beautiful. Travelling to
    Italy by any chance?

    1. Hi Anita, there is somewhere from Italy on my list :-). I'm fascinated by all the interesting names of places. I suppose people from OS think the same of our's. I won't forget some Aussie places.
      Thanks for visiting, I love your doll in the teacup btw.

  2. How Beautiful!
    Looks like a place I'd love to travel to. Very serene looking.
    Thanks for taking me there :)))

    1. Danette, you'd have to visit me as well, we're about half an hour south from there. Yes very interesting rock formations,especially Tibrogargan he follows you as you drive past him lol.


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