Friday, 19 July 2013

Now Who Said Tea Cosies Are Worthless

Yes it's been said, but watch this and you'll soon change your tune lol.

And while you're there, my friend Corinne shared this on FB, thanks Corinne.
Tea Making Tips - 1941. It's pretty much the way my Nana and Mum taught me.
 I just remembered I was taught to turn the pot 3 times anti-clockwise to stir the leaves before serving - and I still do it every time lol. Does anyone else have any Tea Making rituals??

Sorry it should work now :-)



  1. Ha, too funny! Rules, rules always so many rules, can't we just wing it sometimes? Think my dad still has an old teachest hanging around, his belongings were shipped out from England in it.

    1. Lol I know, traditions are hard to break! I still heat the pot, and I just added above, that I was taught to turn the teapot 3 times anti-clockwise to stir the tea - don't ask me why anti-clockwise!!

  2. Jen, Im back - took a long deserved study break and couldn't bare to go near the computer much ... back to the study tho so back to my computer looking at all of my fav bloggers pages tho has made me realise how much ive missed blog land !!! cant believe how much is happening over at west end cottage !!!

    Oh dear i do need to catch-up on reads :)


    1. Hi! I had a month off too, I think everyone needs a break from it every now and then. Yes the house renos are moving along, it's great to watch them grow xx

  3. Hi Jen,
    I love tea in pots and it's a pity more people don't
    still enjoy a pot of tea. I laugh quietly about my
    friend and what she does once she's poured a cup of
    tea. Once the tea is poured from the pot, she gently
    stirs the milk and slowly glides the teaspoon up the
    cup at a particular point on the cup! I've known her
    for over 25 years and she still does it bless her heart.
    Cheers, Anita.

    1. I haven't heard of that one before Anita, but it's sweet of you to know your friend so well. My friend, who I've known just as long, says when there are bubbles floating on the top of your cup of Tea means you're coming into money. I pour quickly so there are always bubbles, neither of us have come into any money...yet lol.

  4. Tea Cosies~ worthless? ~ now that's crazy talk!!!

    1. I know Danette - utterly ridiculous!! :-D


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