Monday, 8 July 2013

It's Been a Month - Part 2

Carrying on from the last post -
Seeing as Google Reader is now gone, I've been on Bloglovin for a while now, so come over and follow me from there, daily emails of all your favourite easy! The link is to the right, on my sidebar.

I was really thrilled a couple of weeks ago when the online site of Simply Knitting Magazine shared my Flower Garden Tea Cosy pattern on their Blog/Facebook page, along with a really lovely comment about my patterns/blog. Thank you Simply Knitting you don't know how special that was at that moment in time!
Oh nearly forgot to add the link

I've had a few vintage finds lately, but I'll save them for a  Finders Keepers post. 

I've been crocheting some fairies,

And making some jewelry
for me....

and some earrings for a friend. I know she likes these colours, same as me, and she likes dangly earrings ( I never wear different earrings but I know she does)

And because she's a tea lover too, I hope she likes these teapot earrings, with a little bit of vintage bling in the centre to disguise the fact that they are just buttons lol

Last pic is the little butterfly gift box I made to house the Earrings. If you'd like the template for the box, just pm me or leave your email address in the comments and I'll pass it on.
Thanks for visiting - Jen.


  1. You have been busy making lovely things! I love them all, especially that cute angel:-)

  2. Thanks Maria, just a catch up, don't think the blogging mojo is back though :-)

  3. Cute little angel and beautiful jewellery! Google reader, Bloglovin.... confused with it all - I just goe to blogger dashboard and all of my fave blogs come up there - suppose I will keep doing this until they don't!!!

    1. Thanks Kerrie xx. I know, I'm the same with the readers, if anything saves me a bit of precious time, I'll try it :-).


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