Saturday, 6 July 2013

It's been a month - mega catch up!

June just flew by didn't it!

So much to remember! I think I'll just use the photos on my camera to catch up.
I've been sewing up donated squares for a homeless blanket for K4BN and trying to get a blanket of my own squares finished to hand in as well, plus getting some private Tea Cosy orders finished.
Other than that....

Do you remember I bought a vintage Peanuts Tea Towel a while ago, along with a few others? 
This one I don't know what I'll do with, any suggestions? I might leave it the way it is and hang it in my sewing room, because it's such a mess at the moment.

Well I went back to get a second Peanuts Tea Towel.
I adore Snoopy collectibles, and instead of tucking the Tea Towels away in a draw,
I'd rather be enjoying it.

I regrettably had to cut the catch phrase off to make this, but it hasn't been wasted,

Luckily I was able to retain the trademark and details of the Tea Towel on the bottom edge of the bag.
I used one leftover top section to make a smaller pouch sewn inside the bag to hold my phone, keys, crocheting hooks, knitty things. Yes it's been used to carry my knitting already.

I also bought this tea towel....

I thought it would look cute as a cushion in the family room. 
So with the design continuing around the back, and a little more blue fabric
 to finish the back

I might have to do this in 2 posts.....

If you've read my blog before you know I'm always there, twice a year.
It was pretty good this year, I scored lot's of old patterns, and got very sore knees because they had all the  patterns and magazines in boxes on the floor. Can we have tables please next time bookfest people, all of us craftwomen were moaning and creaking lol.
A few finds....

A lovely Christmas stitchery book by Tracey North for $1 (all these were from the dollar section)

I saw this on the way out and had to grab it. It's full of beachy rooms, some pristine, organised and minimal, but this next room just makes me want to live there. I'm imagining it's in an older beach house, the sort that has had bits and pieces added on to it over the years. I can hear the waves pounding at night, and the sea breeze rattling the windows - keep dreaming Jen!!

And of course one of the daggy 70's crochet books I love to collect ....

Not loving the dress until you look at it a bit shorter,

And this is just for giggles

                                 I'll have to do the 2nd half of the post tomorrow night - see you then xx


  1. Please send me your address. I have a vintage Snoopy tea towel for you!

    1. Omg Kylie, I'll pm you tomorrow, we might be able to do a swappy - do you like tea cosies??

  2. Lovely t towels.I stitched the owl design many years ago in x stitch.My eldest daughter gave it to her Form Teacher when sh left school .They all had a good laugh about it.x

    1. I bet your x stitch was lovely Laura. She must have been a favourite teacher to receive such a special gift xx

  3. Lovely towels. And what a wonderful way to spend a few hours - buying old patterns and books! Your tea towel bag has given me an idea for a couple of gollywog tea towels I have been given!!

    1. Glad I inspired you lol, would love to see them! I have 2 Tigger/Eeyore tea towels that are are destined for the same fate xx.

  4. Love your Charlie Brown bag Jenny, very cute. I think those crochet clothes are amazing, I wouldn't wear them though,ha.

    1. Thanks Simmone, no I wouldn't wear them either, way past that - would like to make them though. I did see a teenager wearing a crochet dress when I accidentally turned on Home and Away the other night :-)

  5. I love the owl towel! Nice to hear from you again

    1. Thank you Penney,it's nice to hear that xx


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