Sunday, 14 July 2013

Finders Keepers - Lost and Found

Things I had lost, things I have found

I'd lost this Coke caddy in the shed many years ago.
At one stage, we had a run of robberies in our neighbourhood, from front yards and cars.They stopped after a month or so, but I had taken it away from the front porch, and it ended up in the shed. 
It was always a standing joke in our family, Justhubby has always been quite addicted to drinking Coke. He is much better now I'm glad to say (perhaps better at hiding it) lol.
So instead of putting out our empty milk bottles, our empty Coke bottles were out there instead :-).

A friend  reminded me of it the other week, when we were out having lunch. I'd painted the caddy from a new pine and craftwood box, and all I needed were the glass Coke bottles to complete the gag. My friend was the one who collected them for me. Whenever she saw me she would present me with another bottle until I had 6, she wondered what had happened to it.

This was lost when I was maybe 5 or 6 eek! It was one of those things I had no memory of, UNTIL I saw it in a charity shop at Redcliffe close to 20 years ago. Then the memory of it came flooding back. It's probably the first "nostalgic" thing I ever bought, remembering thrift shopping wasn't as trendy and loved as it is now. 
I wonder if anyone else had a Tidy Bear back in the 60's. Made of masonite, it had the double sided tape ripped off the back, like mine, because as soon as you hung anything on it, it would fall off the wall. I had to buy it, you all understand don't you?

The last LOST item. 
This is a gorgeous book, I bought it 2nd hand when my boys were small. 
I hadn't seen  it for many years until my son "redeveloped" his room recently - it was a major redevelopment too.
It's written by Hayden McAllister, a children's author from the 1980's who also penned other books such as "War Stories" which I think we may have had, but donated on. He remains quite elusive actually. In searching online, I can find nothing about him, other than a list of his books.
The book is a compilation of very sweet Christmas stories, Carols, craft and recipes. It was printed in Hungary. 
As I've admitted before, I've been guilty of buying children's books for my own art appreciation, this was probably one of those. Beautiful illustrations!


A really lovely blue and white basket for $6 - how could I resist!

And another bag of 3 tiny blue things for $5, from the same store at Paddington Antiques Centre, where I had found a similar bag of 3 blue pieces.

When I saw them sitting on the shelf again I briefly had a "To Kill A Mockingbird" moment, with Scout finding gifts in the hollowed out tree lol. I'm ever thankful though, because I've filled my little shadow box now, and it's up on the wall looking all blue and white.

Last find from a few weeks ago - 

  I need a 2nd box to display all of my Mother's Pencil Sharperner collection. I'll remove some of the inner dividers to make it more useful, and it looks like it's been sprayed very sparsely with white enamel, so I'll have to do something with the paint job. Now I might be able to have them all behind perspex and up on a wall.

Thanks for visiting - Jen.


  1. I understand totally Jen, glad you've been reunited with your treasures, and found some lovely new ones.

  2. Thanks Kylie - another collector always understands why :-).

  3. I think there are so many of us that buy children's books for our own love of their illustrations or toys just 'cos we wanted one like that in our own childhood and missed out or 'cos we had one and loved it. I'm glad you've found some treasures to make you happy too.

    1. I agree Carol, and I think men are worse for that, how many huge collections of cars and trucks have you seen, and train sets! lol.

  4. I recently found at an op shop a figurine of a little boy praying, to go with a girl figurine I own. She has been praying alone since about 1978 when I broke my original little boy. Now they can both pray together!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is fun!

    1. I know what you mean Fiona it's such a thrill when you find something lost. I inherited my Mum's Red Bull from the Seventies, and I'm looking for the Matador that goes with it,she always wanted it. I've found one but it was very exy.


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