Friday, 26 July 2013

Church Conversions into Homes

Church conversions - I love them!
There have been several church conversions in Brisbane, mostly quaint wooden churches, some more grand. I know of  a few on the north side, there's one at Stafford, a couple at Paddington/Red Hill, and this world renown one at Clayfield.
I remember visiting the then Church and hall, a few years ago, when it first went up for sale, and dreaming of what one could do with it, for many nights after!

Lot's of  links follow, including my favourite from Restoration Home and Grand Designs - we get to watch Kevin Mcloud - added bonus :-D

 Hope everyone has a great weekend.
Tonight we'll grab takeaway, and I'll curl up with some crochet to watch Broadchurch, while the other half watches the Footy. Then there's a myriad of favourite flics on to choose from.
I'm hoping it will be fine tomorrow, we need to do a big clean up of the yard and a trip to the dump. I'm going out on a girl only night Saturday night - bit excited!
Might even go over to WAC at some stage, stay for a coffee, it's been a while. It looks like a favourite little antique store of mine in a neighbouring suburb has closed down - what a shame :-(.
I found my beautiful cookie jar there, identical to the one my Nanna owned.
Have fun whatever you have planned xx

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12 amazing Church Transformations from around the world -

I think the most beautiful and liveable one I've seen is this one on Restoration Home ......


  1. Wouldn't it be amazing to own and old church, especially in the English countryside with cool old tombstones :) Love Grand Designs and Restoration man.

    I loved Broadchurch but goodness I found it hard to watch as my son is 11!

    Sounds like you have heaps planned over the weekend. Enjoy your night out :) Tam x

    1. I know Tam, re Broadchurch, I really wasn't expecting what happened in the first 5 mins, it was quite disturbing - I have 3 boys, given older, but still!
      I'm a junkie for all those shows - I'm so easy to buy for at Christmas xx

  2. Sounds like a very full weekend for you! Have fun at WAC...great place to visit! Which place has closed, Jenny?

    1. Let's hope the rain holds off a bit, I haven't even heard the forecast yet.
      I'll pm you.

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. Hope the weather stays kind.
    Have you seen this - kiwi couple living in refurb church - lovely. cheers Wendy

  4. Thank you for the link Wendy - such heartache from the earthquake, but what an inspiration they are following their dreams. Will be back to read about their church when I get time. Following both of you now xx.

  5. An interesting post. I wonder how they keep the church conversions warm in winter and cool in summer. Cost a lot to air condition. I am glad I visited this blog as I followed a link to decoist and found just what I was looking for. Interior colours for 2013 as we need to repaint and wasn't sure what was in vogue at the moment.

    1. Yes I'm sure they would be rather chilly in Winter, I guess there are problems with every house lol. Glad you found some mod colour schemes.

  6. There are two church conversions on our way to the in-laws, need to take a pic for you, one very Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Can't help but wonder what they are like inside.

    1. Yes please Simmone, would love to go have a peek. We should ask Elizabeth from Walk Among The Homes, to do a series of Brisbane Church houses for us, I did read in one of her blog posts that she loves them too :-)


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