Tuesday, 23 July 2013

2 New Scarves

I've just finished off a couple of scarves to wear for the rest of Winter ...

Crocheted in  Bendigo Classic 100% pure wool, 
in Mulberry, it's a beautiful colour, it looks more pink in these photos.

The 2nd scarf was made with the lighter silver shade of this Moda Vera Gentile
and an 8ply plain black yarn.
I bought 6 balls of the Gentile on clearance at the last Spotlight Knitting Party I went to. 3 balls of each the dark and the light silver. I knew I'd like to make some sort of scarf out of it.  I used it with one strand of black 8ply.  
I really like the finished look. 

It's hard to capture the colour, but it's all black and silvery throughout.

I made it very long at 260cm, so I can wrap it around loosely once with a long hang, like in the photo. 
I used a 6mm hook and 303 ch. I used almost a whole ball of 8ply DK, and probably a ball and a quarter, of the Gentile. Considering I bought it at the reduced price of $1.20 a ball, I'm more than happy that I have enough to make at least another long scarf with a different colour, or a shorter one. 
I still have 3 balls of black to play with as well!   
Both crochet scarves here, were made with stitch patterns from

It contains 500 crochet stitches and combination patterns. It's set out very clearly, with close up photos of every pattern. It is in US terminology, but does have a section at the front, with easy to follow diagrams of every crochet stitch in the book. For the Mulberry scarf I used pattern 364, and for my Gentile scarf I used pattern 29. 

Thanks for visiting
Jen xx.
P.S. Congratulations Will and Kate on the safe arrival of your beautiful baby boy xxoo


  1. I love both scarves. For a moment there I thought you were being very clever crocheting 2 strands of the Moda Vera Gentile!! I always knit/crochet the novelty yarns with an 8ply wool/acrylic - makes it so much easier to use.

    1. Thanks so much, yes I realize the picture was ambiguous, with both yarns sitting there lol. I'll be wearing the black scarf out Saturday night, I don't mind dressing up in Winter xx.

  2. So pretty! I really love the pink scarf. It's such a beautiful colour and looks so warm. I can't wait for the autumn/Winter to arrive so I can start wearing all my crochet scarves and shawls again :D

    1. Thanks Elisabeth, we have nice Winters here. Very mild, it get's down to
      0 celsius or a little below, but no snow though in Brisbane :-(.

  3. Love those scarves, Jenny! That crochet stitches book will keep you busy for years! lol

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes I'm definitely going to be "hooked" on the book :-)


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