Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Really Enjoying This Site

I came across this site a few weeks ago so that's where I've been hanging out .... a lot.

It's a US site, essentially a real estate site, but full of lovely old homes. 
The link above will take you to the section on blogs and stories, and it's a treasure trove full of restoration / renovating blogs. I adore a good ol' Reno Blog!

A little sad, with some houses up for foreclosure, but some have finished their projects and are now selling to move on to the next one.

Some blogs are current, some are not, but there's such a diversity of Architectural styles to browse through. 
This one is just lovely...

The author's family once owned the house, but it was sold some time ago and is now up for sale again. 
She takes you on a blog tour of her old home, cleverly reimagining how the rooms might look with renovations, and including some family pics of her memories growing up there.

I also came across this elsewhere on the site. 
OLD (so I'm told by my non hipster child) but hilarious all the same. Images from Dwell Magazine, but captions are not - surely someone else in the world has not seen it lol .... I love it!                                                                                                    

Thanks for visiting - Jen. 


  1. Oh Cool. Thanks for sharing. That kind of architecture is one of a kind.xo

    1. Lot's of different homes to read about, but it seems everyone comes across the same perils of renovating no matter where you live :-)

  2. Some amazing places Jen!

    1. Yes thoroughly enjoying the different architecture and Historic Homes :-).


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