Sunday, 2 June 2013

$1 Could Win You This - Proceeds to Huntington's Disease

A friend of mine Yvette has donated this beautiful big crochet double bed blanket, to raise funds for Huntington's Disease. It would have cost Yvette a fortune in yarn and the Wool Eater design is one of the trendiest designs in crochet at the moment, it's just gorgeous! Tickets are only $1 each. 
Raffle closes 1st July. 
If you'd like a chance to win it, and help out the support organisation for this heartbreaking disease, you can contact Yvette. All the info about how to purchase tickets is below. Plus if you would like to deposit directly into her account to buy tickets you can pm Yvette for her details, more information is on her blog  grandma's knitting place 
From Yvette's facebook page -
OK - I am now an official ticket seller in the Huntington's Disease raffle to raise funds for the support organisation which helps sufferers and families of this terrible disease. The prize is one of my BIG crocheted blankets (generous Double Bed size) Tickets are only $1 each - and the raffle will be drawn on July 1st. You can contact me on 04123439014 or PM me - I will accept payment through Pay Pal too - my Pay Pal email address is The blanket is made in lavender, with pale green and toning colours - it is shown here on a Queen Size bed. Please help me to raise funds for this very worthy cause - this neurological disease is related to Alzheimers's, Parkinson's and Dementia - THERE IS NO CURE - it is hereditary - and a sufferer's children also have a 50% chance of contracting it..... so please - dig deep into your pockets as only we Aussies can!!! Overseas friends, please buy tickets - if you win I shall personally pay for the postage to send it to you - the blanket sells for $200 for this size - you could get it for only one dollar!!!


  1. Oh Wow!!! Drool! Dribble!! Just love this blanket - I learnt to do this stitch way back in 1998 - it was called Hungarian crochet - and have done a couple of smallish knee rugs. purchase details noted - going to buy my tickets now!!

    1. Oh Thank You - that is so nice of you - much appreciated :-):-)

  2. Thanks for the 'heads up' on this Jenny. Have sent some money via paypal!


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