Thursday, 9 May 2013

What I Made This Week.

I thought I hadn't achieved much this week, but when I thought about it,
we are all constantly making ......

I made a Birdcage Tea Cup Garden

The Birdcage sits in the corner, on the bathroom vanity and I've been looking for
 an Air Fern to put inside it.
Everyone knows what Air Fern is, right? Big in the Seventies?
I gave up looking and found a little "tiny treasure" fern.
I bought it Sunday, today is Thursday - I haven't killed it yet wow!

Birdcage $9 Kmart, tiny pot fern from Bunnings $2.25, tea cup from my stash free, but saucerless tea cups are dirt cheap from charity stores).

I made Hannah's new polar fleece coat

Our beautiful little Foxy x Border Collie girl is
15 years old on the 22nd June. The last couple of weeks have been tough for her and us, and the dog coat I knitted her last year is just too big for her now. 
I made this in 10 minutes the other night, as her old bones are feeling the cold.  It started getting quite a bit colder in Brisbane, the last few nights.

It's not terribly flash, but it stays on her, unlike the knitted jumpers she has escaped out of, chewed and hidden over the years - does everyone feel this way about my knitting?


I made Honey Joys with Crunchy Nut Cornflakes for one of the man/children 
who's had a craving for them.
Honestly, who's Honey Joys DON'T stick to the Patty Cake cases?
If I ever make them again, I'll be making it as a slice and cut it up into squares
 (must make that note next to the recipe!)


I made a bracelet from these lovely glass, heart shaped flowerpower-ish beads, that I fell in love with instantly.

I made a tiny Knitted Toy Soldier for the Ravelry Christmas Ornament KAL (pattern is coming)

And finally I made a transaction
and received this in the mail yesterday from Rachel over at
Isn't he a cutie!
Thanks Rachel

Thanks for visiting - Jen.


  1. What a fab productive week you've had, Jen. So many gorgeous things, but I love, love love your soldier :o) My 2 little grandsons would love one of those on their Christmas tree, so I can't wait for the Rav pattern :o)

    Can't wait to see what wonderful things you come up with next :o)

    1. Thanks Pat, the pattern will be here probably next week, after I make a few more, they are fun to make, hope the boys will like them xx

  2. Very cute ideas Jen! I was given an early Mother's Day present of a bonsai...I'm hoping I won't kill that too..I would be far better off with a cheap fern rather than expensive plants to try and keep alive! Your fern look very sweet in it's cup and birdcage.

    1. Thanks Carol,I hope your Bonsai survives, they are beautiful things aren't they!

  3. AnonymousMay 10, 2013

    And you say you didn't think you had been very productive!! Hate to see you when you have been busy!
    Love the birdcage tea cup garden, would never think of doing something like that and yet it is so effective. Has given me something to think about for a "bare" spot in the main bathroom.

    I envy you all your talents!!

    Hope to see you soon.

    1. Hope to see you soon too next week at Yarn Over Karen xxx

  4. Omg you are so clever jen and you accomplish a lot !!! Love the birdcage and your pup is adorable :) Lola and chels admire the coat xxx


    1. Thank Lola and Chelsea for me lol, hope the girls are getting on fine :-).

  5. I remember carting honey joys to school for the tuckshop. Mum didn't (doesn't) like to cook much, they were yum to eat though. Love Hannah's new coat, penny dog has her jumper on now. That's a very clever and cute soldier.

    1. Silly I had to make a 21 year old Honey Joys, but he just had a hankering for them lol.


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