Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Clock Tower Tour

Our Brisbane City Hall has undergone a major restoration, closing in  January 2010, so lasting just over 3 years! The City Hall reopened about a month ago.
The building built in the 1920's and opening in 1930 had severe concrete cancer and foundation problems, literally being built on a swamp.
The restoration was crucial, or else the whole building, steeped in Brisbane history and tradition, would have eventually been lost.
There is a 3 part documentary about the history and restoration of City Hall. It's called Soul Of Brisbane. The 3rd part aired on Channel 9 Saturday afternoon.
The first 2 episodes can be seen 
The 3rd Episode won't be available until June, which annoyed me a little, because after a big morning at knit group at Yarn Over, then from there, a trip to WAC, then a stop to buy food for a Barbie that night...I nodded off on the lounge, and missed the end of it :-(.

But it still prompted us to go in Sunday for a look around. I won't bore you with all the pics, I'll put some up daily on my little Brisbane photo gadget thingy to the right.
I will show you the pics from the Clock Tower Tour. In all my 50 years, I've never gone up the Clock Tower! 
Leaving from the 3rd floor where the Museum of Brisbane is situated, the tickets are free, but you just need to secure one for the 15 minute session, as the lift only holds 8.
You can have a look at the Museum, while you wait.

The lift is the original lift from 1930, restored and overhauled... hopefully :-)

So this is the City Hall, and the Clock Tower,
The 1st photo above was taken from behind the clock faces. The lift stops halfway for a photo opportunity from the lift.
Once at the top, there is a flight of stairs to get to the viewing platform...

Here we are looking down at the city and the church we were married in, the Albert St Uniting.

Looking up to the pillars,

and the bells that toll every hour and chime every quarter. The large bell has names written inside it, from the workmen that worked on them over the past 80 years. The habit was eventually frowned upon and prohibited, as old "Larrikin" Brisbane became a bit more proper lol.

Likewise, the beautiful copper dome of the Auditorium had to be completely replaced during the restoration. Since the tower opened to visitors, people would throw coins down from the observation deck on to the dome and make a wish. With the softness of copper and the weight of a penny thrown from that height, there were dents all over the dome.

One more shot of the city. You don't get a great deal of time up there, less then 10 mins so start taking you photos as soon as you get there.

You'll have to do the tour, to find out the story about the very top copper piece on top of the Clock Tower.
When we left, Joel and I remembered to turn around and have a look at it, as we were walking up to the car, and we both said in unison - Oh yeah I see lol.


  1. You've got to love history :)

    1. Of course, what are we without it :-)

  2. What a lovely building! I've only been up one clocktower, but it was a doozy - Big Ben in the British Parliament buildings. We had to climb stairs - nearly killed me - but standing behind the clock face was so memorable. I love the photos you took from the tower and behind the clock face, I hope I"ll see the building someday.

    1. That would have been an experience to remember Sue. I would love to go up to our clock face at night, or to be there when the bells ring. Unfortunately they don't do night tours,it would be quite a spooky place.

  3. I took my little boy to City Hall the other week. He liked it a lot but we didn't do the tour. Glad to have found another Brissie blogger :)

    1. Yes good to meet you too Bree. We would always take our boys into the City for Christmas, the Tree, the Myer windows and Christmas section, and the Pancake Manor! We still do it every year, now one son and his girlfriend come with us. It was so much fun having her come along.


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