Sunday, 19 May 2013

Finders Keepers - Smoking Clog, Dress Up & Nice Rock Revisited

Smoking Clog
Picked this up today actually, didn't realise straight away that it's an ashtray, but an ashtray it is.
I don't smoke, but couldn't go past it (it was rather cheap), being quite large, about 7 inches long, and it has a Delft  marking on the back not unsimilar to my Dutch Tile here

Dress Up

One of my favourite Op Shop finds is this amazing Fancy Dress book. 

Published 1983, but I suppose we all dressed up in the 80's -  Adam Ant, Madonna...all those layers, all those frills!
My kids are so thankful I found it only recently, and not when they were 5 and then subjected them to unspeakable Dress Up Horror. Shame, they would have been the best dressed at Book Week.
The costumes here are just brilliant - future Grandkiddies look out!

And a costume for the pregnant lady ...the author's suggestion, not mine :-)

Nice Rock revisited
I bought this last year and wrote about it Here

I'd planned to wrap it somehow with silver wire and make a pendant from it. All I could visualize was a design that had a circular element. It takes me a while to get to these things, but this is how it turned out 

What's that, you want to see the back?
Ha ha I don't think so lol
love Jen xx. 


  1. Love the Dutch prints - i have a few interesting pieces myself !!! great find jen :)

    1. There are a few of them around. If I find something unusual I'll get it, the tile is one of my favourite blue things, and Justhubby offered to buy the ashtray so.... lol.

  2. I would have loved that circus tent get-up while pregnant. Not for fancy dress though, more for every day.

    1. Lol Edwina yes I wouldn't mind one now, you could just retreat into your Circus Tent and leave the world behind for a while :-)

  3. Love that clog! I've never thought about it before, but there are probably an unimaginable number of novelty ashtrays from the early 20th century to more recent times out there! Wow, what a treasure that book week dress ups...I remember them
    The pendant looks absolutely gorgeous,'re a very clever lady :-)

    1. Maria,thanks! I have a book week photo I must show you on FB. Yes we had lots of years of it as well, the Peter Pan outfit (and green tights) got a workout three times. I'm sure my 3 men would be horrified if I put pics here, but I'll have to show you one of Mr 3 - adorable! Sadly in about Year 2 of my youngest Joel's time, they stopped doing Book Week. Can't remember the reason.


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