Friday, 3 May 2013

Finders Keepers - I'm Living In The Seventies

Thought I'd go shopping at home for this one, it wasn't too hard to find some more 70's.

And with a title like that, I had to include this straight up :-)

Even I can't believe I still had this. Disco Dots.
For some reason I seemed to had always been losing one earring .....what did I get up to as a teenager!
A dreadful collection, including the feather earrings, which became more popular in the 80's thanks to Adam Ant, but we were ahead of our time wearing them lol. The beautiful 9ct gold crosses I've now rescued and bought forward to keep in the present day with me.

At the tender age of 15, a boy bought this fan necklace for me! I loved it and wore it to death, until the little tassel at the bottom fell off.
I kept it :-).

The doll must have been given to me late 60's or very early 70's. I can't remember much about it, when or who gave it to me, but I could never part with it. Her face is typical of the 70's, with that "doll face look" appearing on posters, make up ads, and early anime.
She still looks good for her age!

Can't forget the quintessential 70's craft books. Running full speed from the 60's, the 70's came with a freedom from previous conventions, not only in values, music and fashion, but also in home decor and it was here, that craft became interesting and imaginative.

It was an amazing time to be a craftsperson, and as much as we laugh (me included) at some of the things we wore and what we put in our homes, we can always learn and recreate from the past.

 And of course some music, and the "70's Chick"  Tea Cosy to finish..... come on I had to throw in a Tea Cosy that's what I do!

Jen xx


  1. What a delightful trip down memory lane, Jen !I so remember those origami plant holders :-)

  2. A few craft businesses in Brisbane are now doing classes on making macrame pot hangers, good to see some crafts being reborn :-)

  3. Lol Jen your a classic :)

  4. AnonymousMay 04, 2013

    Enjoying listening to Skyhooks whilst I read your latest blog!!

    Oh the memories the Skyhooks and everything you show and talk about, have brought back.

    In the last few months we (the group) have been offered some macrame craft bits and pieces where did I put them...somewhere in a safe spot ... when I find them maybe you and Maria want to make some pot hangers etc!! lol

    I had a necklace fan so much like the one that a boy brought you, a boy brought me mine too...can't even remember his name or why he even brought it. But unlike you, I haven't kept's a shame. There is so much stuff that I had, that I wish I had kept (and so do my daughters sometimes when they see photos of me in the 60's and 70's in clothes "to die for" as they say!) Where would I have kept it all?? lol If only we had crystal balls and could see that these clothes/items would come back into fashion 40 or so years later...could have made a fortune selling thing I do wish I had kept from those years is .... my figure!!!!!!!! In between marriage, children I lost it somewhere!!

    Thanks again Jen for the memories and I LUV the tea cosy!!!

  5. I haven't kept any clothes either Karen,except my Wedding Dress but that was 1980's. Like you, someone "stole" my figure lol and I never really treasured clothes. My Mum was the Macrame expert, it was her specialty for years, and she made me a glass hanging table. I got rid of it when we moved to this house - can you believe it :-(

  6. I loved the macrame hanging baskets.

    1. I do too Diane. I've always liked the look of macrame, probably because we had lots of it at home :-)


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