Thursday, 25 April 2013

From My Craft Room

Hmmm that sounds like a good name for a new blog doesn't it!

My craft room, like the rest of the house will never appear in Vogue, or Craft Room Weekly...Thank God!
I have too many boys, 3 here atm, last time I looked, too many band posters (their rooms not mine), too many shoes at the back door, too much knitting etc etc.
But that's ok because we have fun, we often come and go as we please now, celebrating our new found freedom with all of the boys licensed and with car.
Mind you I am big on rules, without them life with 3 boys would have been VERY different!

So there's mess and lot's of things in my craft room. I do share it with the boy's desktop computer, and it doubles as our spare bedroom with futon up one end, but it's fun to look at other peoples mess so here it is...

The magic of point and shoot photography is...
I can point and shoot wherever I want in this room, while missing the bits I don't want to shoot lol.
Pretty much other then the bags of yarn I bought at the Spotlight Knitting Party Saturday which were on the floor, this is it.  My 60's Singer toy sewing machine in the orange case, and my metal teapot collection. My Golden Hands and a pile of other vintage books sit on the desk due to no where else to put these big ones. On top of the pile of books is my latest bag I've finished, another bag I'll take to knitting group. I spoke of this panel in a previous post, so I finally got it finished.

I have to admit I don't like open shelving in the craft room, it might look purdy and trendy, but I'd rather have my fabric and yarn away from sunlight, dust and protected from moths. The room is very light with a window just past the drawers and big windows along the front.
Organised chaos -  a pile of my fabric doll patterns on the left, my Murano yarn from Bendigo, the yarn bagged next to it is for a Rosebuds Tea cosy I'm about to start. A cheap pack of big size crochet hooks, a Daylily Tea cosy which I held back to keep as a sample. My Mum's Koala bookend, only one survived, my son's old chest of drawers.

Diagonally across from my table is the roll top desk I've kept my machines in, since the kids were born.
I never had a craft room so I needed somewhere I could store the machines and sew from.
This desk was perfect, still is! Heaps of pigeon holes inside, and room for a big pile of fabric to the side, which I cleaned up before the photo. You can just roll the lid down in a hurry - Ha! I've done that many times lol.
But I found this among the fabric...

 I love this little handbag! 
I have photographed it here before, but I must have buried it under other projects, and completely forgot about it! It was made from some left over pieces from another project. It's only 30cm wide and 24cm tall, here's the back....

My Treadle sits across from my roll top, under the window, always free of mess lol.
Other than another small entertainment unit up the other end of the room, that's about it. I need to clean that one out. I'm hoping when I do I'll be able to store some more books in there, so I can reclaim part of my table back. 
 Fabric, more yarn and craft is stored here

When I had the rooms built, the room next door is a bedroom, I wanted a cupboard here in the hallway. The craft room is long and narrow, 6m x 3m so putting the cupboard here made perfect sense. I culled my fabric some time ago, with very little "dress" fabric now, just quilting fabric. And I do store it by colours, it's the only way :-)
So there it is, my happy place - Jen.


  1. Now that looks tidy to me,sometimes my craft room looks like I've thrown a hand grenade x

    1. Ah but you didn't see the futon with bags of yarn sitting on it,or inside the cupboard or in the roll top desk, or where I knit in the lounge lol.


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