Thursday, 18 April 2013

Finders Keepers - Tiny Blue Things, Tiny Retro

Just a "tiny" post on things I've found.
I've had a lovely day at home today. I made sure I had no errands to run, so I could concentrate on getting some things done!

I went for my walk this morning, luckily the dreary sky went away to reveal the most beautiful day.
Yesterday on my walk, I saw a group of orange hardhats standing near our "maybe one day will be built" New Rail Link sign, but not getting my hopes up...yet!!
After 3 loads of washing, and cleaning up the house a bit, I actually got to do some sewing... show you later.
Thought I'd take a break from it and finish this post, which I'd started a few days ago.
Do other Bloggers do that, have posts in draft for later on? I usually have 3 or 4 posts in draft at various stages, maybe just the photos, or links, I've had one there for 3 months lol.

Anyway ...Tiny Blue Things

I don't usually gather little things, but here's what I've collected so far, with a few stand-ins to fill gaps.
I inherited my Mother's Pencil Sharpener Collection, and that is more than enough to dust - btw if anyone knows of someone in Brisbane who make small wall hung collection cabinets with perspex fronts - please let me know!!

I had planned on using the other little spice cupboard  I painted white with my Dresser, but with it's tall shelves, I think it will be much better put into service elsewhere.
I dragged this one out of my craft cupboard, it was painted white a while ago, and it's a bit scratched up, so will need a new coat of paint, but it will do for my blue/white display.

I think my favourite is the tiny Teapot

and the bunny, a close 2nd

Another Tiny Blue Thing.....

Not found recently, but cleaned recently (like this morning) so it fits the bill :-)

And the Tiny Retro?

Found just last week, at our local Salvo's.
This book is definitely out of style, and these designs aint coming back in, but sometimes there might be one pattern that stands out, that makes it worthwhile buying, and here it is.....

This gorgeous little crochet dress pattern. Teamed with a contrast singlet top underneath, or just made as a skirt, it's a keeper for 50c.

Thanks for having a read - Jen xx


  1. The keeper for me would be the little girl's strippity stripy cup !! :o)

    Lovely little blue collectiion, Jen. I don't *do* knick knacks - far too much dusting for my liking !! :o) My MiL collects perfume bottles - she's got over 600 of the things - & she says she finds dusting them all very relaxing !!!! STRANGE woman !! :o)

    1. I said to someone on FB recently, my dust is now Heritage listed so I can't touch it lol. I don't like to dust, but I do because I don't like dust - huh! I dust the pencil sharpeners with a paint brush - that's why I want a dust free case!!

  2. I had very similar little dresses when I was a kid (will dig out photos one day) I could see a stylish little girl (one with a stylish Mummy!) wearing these today definitely.

    (they'd look fabulous on bigger girls too)

    1. I'd love to see the pic Kylie, Pumpkin Patch always has a few crochet items for kids every year, so it's here to stay ...I hope.
      If you ever watch "To Sir With Love" look for the white crochet dress the main blonde girl is wearing at their end of year dance - it is Divine!! If I can find a screen shot I'll post it up - Jen.

  3. 50c! That is indeed a keeper. Those little dresses are so sweet. A contrasting singlet underneath would be great. Your tiny blue things are lovely.

    1. Thanks Donna, kids can look cute wearing anything, don't you hate that lol.

  4. Karen CrokeApril 19, 2013

    Love your little blue things, especially the teapot, it is amazing!

    The crocheted little girls dresses are adorable, I could just imagine our granddaughter wearing one of them!!

    To Sir with Love is one of my all time favourite movies, and I knew just the dress you were talking about as I read it!

    Reminds me of a friend of mine, in the 70's we went to a lot of "cabarets" (aka dances) and one particular one we were going to, my friend Joy decided to crochet herself a pant suit. It was the most pretty pink I have ever seen. She only finished it about an hour before we left to go out. During the night, we danced A LOT, and the pants of her pant suit kept on dropping, getting longer and longer....she kept pulling them up and folding over the top but still the pants dropped and much so, she started to 'lose" them...She had to beg a total stranger to lend her his tie, so she could hold up her pants!!! The rest of us girls were no use to her, we were hysterical with laughter!!! She learnt to make sure she finished crocheted items in plenty of time to let them 'hang up", so that any "dropping" would be able to be fixed before wearing!!! The suit was a beautiful pattern too, but she never wore it again...such a shame!!

    Hoping you can find the screen shot of that dress in To Sir with Love!!!

    Sorry I missed seeing you today but a matter of minutes!!! Hopefully tomorrow will have better luck!!!


    1. That's precious Karen lol, you know I have a couple of pant suit patterns from the 70's I should show you, will give you a laugh! I love To Sir With Love, it was only on a couple of weekends ago, and I got to see the dress again.
      YES see you tomorrow!!!

  5. That little see-through teapot is so sweet! Love the crochet dresses, would have loved something like that as a kid, heck I'd wear one now if it wasn't see-through.

    1. I have a couple of adult crochet dress patterns from the 70's Simmone - challenge accepted lol. I love that little teapot too, and I will be making that little dress, it is lovely I can't resist - Jen.

  6. Those little crochet dresses are very cute! I am sure that if you took a cut out of the display cabinet you would be able to get a piece of perspex for it and be able to attach it with little hinges.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Carol, this little cabinet and it's contents won't be too bad to dust, but I do need a new cabinet for the Pencil Sharpeners. The one I have doesn't hold all of them, and they are a real pain to dust - I must search on the net and find someone in Brisbane. There was a retired fellow who made them with a perspex front,at our local markets, but he's not there anymore :-(

  7. Love the blue vulcan junior !!! I have a Vulcan Junior and a Senior. Both in red.

    1. Thanks Bree, I have a red Senior as well,we like the same things :-)


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