Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Granny Crochet Shawl - Finished.

From the previous posts HERE  and  HERE  my Granny Stitch Shawl is finished.
This one is going off to K4BN, and I've started another one, because they're mindlessly easy and relaxing to do in between other projects.
I'm not a shawl or wrap person usually, but when I tried it on a few times to get the right size, it was lovely and cosy. I love wearing my big warm Dressing Gown in Winter, but I find it very constrictive when I knit or crochet, so I think I might have to make one for myself next. I'll show you the yarn at the end.
This one measures 186cm across, and 58 rows.

I ended up doing a shell border along the 2 sides to finish it, which gives the shawl a bit of a flounce on the edge. Here's the instructions for my edging,

Shell Edging (British/Aus crochet terms) 
3ch, 4tr into first tr - (5tr, counting the first 3ch as a tr), 1 dc in the next 1ch space,* miss next tr, 5tr in top of next tr, miss next tr, 1dc in next 1ch sp.
You've made a couple of shells.
Repeat from * until you get to the (4tr, 3ch, 4tr) corner of the shawl.
 5tr in 2nd tr, 1dc in 4th tr.
5 tr in corner 3ch space, 1dc in next tr, miss next tr, 5tr in next tr, miss next tr, 1dc in next 1ch space.
Then continue down the other side, until you come to the end st, 5tr.

I hope that's all correct, let me know if it's not. I've had one of those weeks where you just want to put the week back in the box, tell em it's faulty and get a full refund!!

Here's the 2nd one, much more my colours

The pattern link - HERE 
But I used 8ply/DK and 4mm hook.

And for mine, I've recently bought some Murano from Bendigo Wool Mills

It's beautiful 8ply pure wool, I might use a larger hook this time to make it a little lighter.

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  1. That's a nice shawl & I really like the shell edging, but I love, love, LOVE the colours you've chosen for your shawl, they are gorgeous :o)

    I might have a go at a shawl myself - I started a simple knitted one, but it was SOOOO tedious, I frogged it :o) I like things that aren't boring, but are simple enough to keep me occupied without getting fed up & a shawl maybe the way to go to practice my virtually non existent crochet skills :o)

    Hope next week is tons better for you. xx

  2. OMG! those balls of yarn are just 'so me'! Interesting that Bendigo should use the name Murano as Murano glassware is just gorgeous, especially the colours.
    Love the shawls and the one going off to K4BN will keep some needy person nice and warm.

  3. PJK it is really easy and quick, and you can make it as colourful and retro as you like.The blue one will be donated too, but I'll be keeping the Murano one for me. :-).

  4. Maria it has a nice range of colour combos, it was hard to decide.
    It was on sale for $10 a 200g ball when I bought it a few weeks ago, forgot to see if it still was, when I grabbed the link.


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