Thursday, 7 March 2013

"I laughed so much my head fell off!"

said my Giggles Doll back in the mid 70's.

I love her still, that's why she was never thrown away. I also loved my Tearie Dearie doll who had her own case which doubled as a rocker and bath. She cried and wet when you filled her with water and squeezed her - it happens to the best of us :-).
 I don't know what happened to her, but I still have my Thumbelina doll, she still works, but her cloth body is decrepitly grubby, so no photo shoot for her today.

For those of you too young to remember Giggles, of course she "giggles" when you pull her arms in and out, her head moves from side to side, so do her eyes, Chucky-style. The mechanism still works ok, so it's just a matter of gluing or welding the head back on to withstand the hysterics.

So this terrible curse of turning 50 late last year (51 - GO AWAY I'M JUST NOT DOING THIS ANYMORE) has got me doing the things I should have done already.
Trying to get my doll repaired is on the list. I can't remember exactly when she lost her head - do any of us remember the exact moment we lose our heads, but I was heartbroken. It's not like the mechanism was made of some flimsy stuff like..... um metal!

So it's off to the doll/toy hospital in Brisbane for a quote to see if she can be repaired.
She really is the prettiest doll, I'll let you know how I get on.

While I was up in the cupboard, rummaging through my childhood box, I found lots of other old things.
I found my Birth Card Album that Mum had lovingly put together. It's 50 years old now, give or take a few months. I'm sure she didn't get to it straight away after giving birth, especially how she would describe me as an "unsettled baby' lol.

The beautiful vintage cards are still in amazing condition...

And here I am in my pretty dress. I bet Mum made it, she taught me to sew.
I think this was taken at Teralba Park, Everton Park. We lived just a few houses up from there, and when I was older I always remembered this little swing set with it's bent metal supports.
Oh by the way I've finished my Granny Shawl. I ended up crocheting a shell edging around it to finish it nicely, so I'll post a pic next time as well as the info on the edging - it's super easy - Jen.


  1. Oh the memories!!1 And I too have a birth card book - and they were just the most beautiful cards way back in the .....just before 1960!!!!

    1. I bet they're beautiful, who said scrapbooking was new. I followed tradition and made scrapbooks of our Engagement and Wedding Cards and my 3 sons' Birth cards, although I have a sick feeling I may not have done it for the third - oops.

    2. Hello Jen!
      Though I don't remember this particular doll, I do remember Thumbelina. I am "vintage" also ~ I will be 49 in June! Hope you are able to repair her. Sadly I don't have anything like this from my childhood. They live on in my memories though! I love the picture of you on the swing. Priceless!!!
      Scrolling through your recent posts I missed I see you made some good finds! Love the shiny silver teapot :))) And all the other pretties.
      Happy Day to You in The Land Down Under
      From One who is STILL COVERED IN SNOW :(((

    3. Oh Danette I hope the snow doesn't get much worse, you must be coming into your Spring, we're in Autumn now. It's getting a little cooler here at night, but we still have a Cyclone hovering around off our coast - very late to have one in March. I'm sorry you don't have your dolls anymore,I didn't keep much either,they're not important when you're young, only when you're old lol.


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