Monday, 4 March 2013

Finders Keepers - Woolloongabba

Twas raining and pouring, the old man was snoring,
He bumped his head on the end of the bed.....
No not really.... that was me giving him a nudge, so we could go to Woolloongabba Antique Centre.

It's been doing nothing but rain and pour in Brisbane lately, so when the skies cleared a little yesterday, off we went into the city and across the river to Woolloongabba.

We walked in and all went our separate ways. We do visit a lot of vintage stores in Brisbane but we've never been here before.
My son went to see if they had any Militaria, I was looking for everything, and while my bloke doesn't collect, he usually does a quick scan for sewing machines and teapots - bless him!

We had a lovely afternoon browsing and listening to Johnny Cash, The Beatles and a bit of Disco, loved the music girls!
The boy bought himself a milkshake at the 50's style Cafe in store
and waited, kind of patiently for us to finish.
 I'll show you first what I found but couldn't keep.... me pot of gold being a bit empty (where is that pesky leprechaun, he's supposed to refill it!).

Dear Traders - I only had my camera phone with limited space, but if you see your items and want me to include your shop number, please email me and I'll pop it in under the pic for you

It's blue!

The tiny Elephant Teapot

Wow - craft room storage girls!

These are what I brought home to keep -
I have a tiny collection of Schulz, mainly what I was given as a teenager (real vintage now),
plus a couple of comic strip books I found secondhand, to introduce my boys to Charlie Brown. 
I had to buy this tea towel! I couldn't see the the saying as it was wrapped & folded,
but yes - Snoopy is always right.
A good sized cheap stainless teapot. I collect these to throw in the car to display my Tea Cosies,

and some lovely blue miniatures, just what I've been hunting for, to fill the ex spice cupboard I recently painted in a previous post (below).

So a lovely rainy Sunday afternoon, better than staying home - Jen.


  1. Thanks so much for following me! The WAC is almost our second home, I'm lucky because my husband loves hanging out there as much as I do! Xx

    1. Thank you so much for following me too! I love seeing what everyone else has found here in Brissie. You are very lucky to have a collecting Hubby! Mine doesn't but he'll go scouting for me, and when we go to Bookfest he'll grab the vintage crochet patterns for me and hang on to them lol.

  2. I have the jade green mixer ;)

  3. Kimmie - terribly jealous lol.


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