Monday, 18 March 2013

Finders Keepers - Swan Lake & 60/70's Pattern Books

My Mum's Swan Lake from the 70's. 
You filled each piece with coloured water to make the coloured glass

I had trouble trying to get the colour I wanted when I was taking the photos. Yellow isn't my favourite colour to begin with. I wanted to make them orange graduating to yellow, but after running out of yellow food colouring experimenting, this will have to do for now...

Bookfest in January again provided me with lot's of retro patterns, and this time there was a box full of these......
Pattern Books from the 60's and 70's. Did I grab the whole box? 
What was wrong with me?
F&^*# WHO KNOWS!!!

I was actually on a budget, and there were other things I couldn't part with, but I do regret not grabbing more! 
(Like I regret not buying the Singer Treadle Sewing Machine with the Memphis Decal from the Lifeline store at Lutwyche 10 years ago. Grrrr I still reckon it was a later Asian reproduction but still grrrr).  
Sorry, anyway after going through the box I just grabbed two, which had what I considered the best content. Dated Summer 1967 and Spring 1968.
They're lovely Coffee Table books, and they're so much fun to flick through. I hope some fledgling design students found the box, and make the most of the goldmine of designs inside :-).

Ah Terylene! The love affair with Polyester begins!
A bastard to sew, as every Mum of a teenage girl discovered, and so hot to wear, but you put up with that for the slinkyness, and just look at those designs above. 
My Sister was 10 years older, so I was thrown into fashion from age 6 and started sewing on the machine at 10. I think one of the "helpful hints" we heard, was to spray hairspray on the fabric before sewing. It didn't help, but perhaps that's how someone discovered hairspray stopped static creep lol. 
 But let's be honest, there was nothing sexier than a halter neck poly dress in a hot Brisbane Summer.

How inspiring are these colours and fabrics......

And a few crochet books from the 70's were snapped up as well.....
This one was 1972

with some adorable patterns

And then a reminder of what was done to 70's children,

And 70's Bathrooms

But check out that amazing Blue Bathtub!
So if anyone wants a pattern for a crochet toilet/bathroom combo, I'm your girl.
With 3 sons I'll pass on this one. Although I do like the bathmat, and I'm tempted to crochet a psychedelic trippy toilet lid cover, just to embarrass them when friends visit...but then I'd have to wash it ....constantly! 

Thanks for visiting this week's Finders Keepers, hope you had fun - Jen.


  1. My goodness what a wonderful post Jenny! I love your mum's Swan lake...never seen one before! Now those patterns really brought back memories...the one numbered 7340, I made in January 1969. It was just one of a number of dresses I made early that year, ready for Teachers' more uniforms so I really through myself into sewing a whole new wardrobe. You will love Ryll's book as she started sewing at at early age.

  2. Lol Maria, I'm amazed you remembered the pattern and the year! I'll bring them to our next knit at Kallangur, you can have a look.
    I will look for Ryll's book, I've
    run out of Bris books to read - Jen.

  3. I've just seen that I used 'through'instead of 'threw'in the comment above. I'll stay up and write it out 20 times shall I? lol

  4. lol Maria, I didn't even notice, you can go out for little lunch instead of detention :-D

  5. Oh Jen... once again you have brought back some lovely memories from my childhood. An aunt (on Dad's side), was right into arty crafty things and I spent many hours watching her make "Swan Lakes"...she also used to make crocheted "swans", and stiffened them with ...ummm memory has gone here, but maybe sugar and water... and then had them sitting on a round mirror, so it looked like swans on a lake!

    As for those sewing patterns, and the poly dresses. Somewhere I have a photo of me wearing one of my favourite poly dresses, it was red and black shapes in the material, thought I was Queen Muck when I wore it! Must see if I can find the photo and take that along to next Kallangur knit and natter too!

    We have had loads of "retro" patterns, sewing, knitted, crochet. Must get you to come up one day and you can go through them (is that the right through Maria??) to your heart's content, actually Maria you could come too, we can make a day of it! lol


  6. Karen, such lovely memories, please put the photo of you in the red dress on facebook! If you do I'll put up one of Wayne & I, at age 22 & 19(W with hair lol). I think I remember sitting on your garage floor going through all your patterns, what fun :-)

  7. Wow that two piece outfit the little girl is wearing is 'colourful'. I remember wearing a crocheted bikini as a child in the very late 70's. It was horrible and took ages to dry. What was my mother thinking???

  8. Old Pearly Jenkins - I used to make knitted bikinis, late 70's on Mum's knitting machine for all my friends when I was 16? Hey they were selling for $50 in the shops at Noosa lol. Sadly one top had a malfunction in the Surf at Noosa where we would all stay - I told my gf she needed a bigger size but nooo hee hee!

  9. Does anyone know where you can buy the orange Swans shown above?


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