Friday, 1 March 2013

Brisbane Vintage - new site

OK so I changed my mind about doing photoaday.... It happens, you wake up one morning and you realize you have so much you want to do already, are doing already, reading already, watching already, making already, dealing with you make that executive decision. Maybe next month.

But then you find a Brisbane site that will make you go out and shop, rummage, drive miles into country areas, and bring home stuff you will always treasure but just have to find somewhere to put it!
Smart hey?
Here it is...

Brisbane Vintage
is a new site listing Vintage, Antique, Thrift, Charity stores in Brisbane and surrounding country areas.
It also has a listing for upcoming fairs,shows, markets etc.

Flicking through, it has all our favourite places we knew of in Brisbane, but it's helped me plan our trip up to Toowoomba and surrounding areas for a big 2 day overnight rummage (when the rain stops).
But before that I think I'm going to whinge and whine for a trip to Mt Tamborine, one of my favourite craft areas.We haven't searched through the vintage shops up there for years, because we always get lost on the mountain....ALWAYS! Now I have a list and GPS everything should be fine lol. Does anyone know if the road going up is repaired yet from the flooding?
Thanks for visiting


  1. Used to love visiting those sorts of shops...husband #2 isn't so keen and I've realised I have too much 'stuff'...but it is fun to fossick and find treasures! I go with my niece occasionally and enjoy watching her find bargains! lol

    1. I still like to collect every now and then. At the moment I mainly look for metal teapots to take with me for display, and tiny blue china things (proving to be a challenge) to fill my little white cupboard.

  2. I've just come across this Brisbane Vintage site's such a great one stop shop. I'm looking forward to discovering some new places as well.

    1. It's very comprehensive isn't it, and I like that it lists the shows and fairs coming up.I'm really looking forward to going back up to Tamborine soon.


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