Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day

"Loved You Then" Wall Decor

I was getting a bit bored looking at my last page for so long so.....
 to all those in love, whether you've been in love for a moment, or for 50 years.

And to those who had the courage today, to tell someone how they feel about them for the very first time, I applaud you for your courage (it's not easy) and I just simply melt at your sense of romance.
 It's never too late to tell someone you love them!

I'm a bit of a love song junkie, to the point that I needed to download new music onto my playlist for when I go walking. Something a bit more snappy is definitely needed during a brisk walk, other than a forlorn love ballad lol.  

When I looked for a love song for this post,
I had trouble deciding. I didn't want one about lost love, plenty of those out there, and I wanted an Australian song, so decided on this.
It was a treat finding it, because we loved seeing the talented Mr Jack Jones and the equally talented Mr Rick Price together in concert on the Gold Coast many years ago -                                                      

And if Valentine's Day is not your thing, head out tonight and find an Anti-Valentine's Day Party - why didn't someone think of this when I was young!!


  1. Hope you had a great day Jen! DH and I cleaned out and reorganised the laundry today! lol

    1. Yes thanks Maria,I received a Rose this year lol. Well you can say you spent the whole day together lol.

  2. Happy "day after Valentine's Day" Jen

    Wow you got a rose, I am what did I get ... to cook dinner!!! lol

    Maria and Bruce certainly spent "quality time" together ... if you need more quality time together you are more than welcome to come here and clean out my laundry and reorganise it too...AND just for more fun, it includes the linen press too!!!

    1. LOL Karen, I should take a photo to prove it.


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