Monday, 4 February 2013

Trauma Teddy Patterns

I've mentioned trauma teddies before on this blog, but thought I'd include a couple of pattern sites.

With all the recent natural disasters in Australia, one always turns to what one can do to help.
It seems in recent years, Australia is in a constant disaster mode from one season to the next, with so many people losing everything they own, when will it all end!

As simple as they are, Trauma Teddies can sometimes be the only toy a child has, after all of their own are lost in a disaster situation. They are also used by hospitals, ambulance officers etc to help calm their young patients.
(this is an old photo of mine)
I recently shared a couple of Trauma Teddy pattern sites elsewhere on the net, so I thought I'd include them here.      
Teddies ready to go

There's a crochet pattern for Trauma Teddies on this UK site as well.
As both sites suggest, if you want to make them for a local charity, just check with them first, they may have loads already or they may prefer you use a specific pattern.

I'm going to be a nonblogger for a while now, as I set forth on a new venture, so everyone keep having fun blogging away - Jen.


  1. Will miss your blog posts Jenny. All the best for your future endeavours!(Still see you on FB???)

    1. Of course I'll see you on FB Maria and hopefully at a K&N one day. No doubt I'll still drop in here every now and then - Jen.


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