Monday, 18 February 2013

One for the Cat Lovers

I've had a lot of trouble with my laptop this morning and had to restore it (always set up restore points people and backup your important stuff like patterns and photos). I'm afraid I never had a problem with my last laptop, but this one......So I thought I would post this early just in case.

A few years ago, when I first joined K4BN, the very first things I made were toys.
The dog pattern I think I made from scratch, and I must try find it......
but I loved making the cat in the middle of the photo.
I should mention, my photography has improved somewhat since taking this photo 3 years ago lol, this pic is on my projects page on Ravelry.

The cat pattern was by Kath Dalmeny who has published World of Knitted Toys
(I think from memory there's a pig pattern there as well, but a little larger than the one I found).
I found Kath's cat pattern from one of those large binder type compendium of crafts years ago and I've always loved making them.

So I've just discovered the pattern is now on Ravelry as a free download.

For all the cat lover's and those who know a cat lover


  1. What a lovely surprise to hear that that pattern is a free download now! Your toys are gorgeous Jen.

  2. It is a lovely pattern, they are such cute kitties, thanks Maria :-)


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