Tuesday, 26 February 2013

My Granny Shawl so far...

In the last post I included a link for an easy Granny Stitch Shawl / Wrap by Drops Design.
Thought I'd give one a whirl and it's growing so quickly. Still a far bit to go, but I know I'll finish it by the end of the week, by just picking it up now and then and doing a few rows.  

I'm using 8ply/DK and 4mm hook,


  1. Oops Maria I just deleted your comment by mistake sorry. I was talking to my gf on the phone with one hand and checking here with the other lol. I did read it thought so thanks :-)

  2. OH Jen! This is just gorgeous! I love these darn Granny Square Shawls. They just grow and grow before your eyes. And they are just the right amount of warm.
    Looking Good Girl!

    1. Thanks Danette and they look so 'Seventies"my favourite decade - Jen.


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