Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Year Of The Starting And The Finishing

I'm determined this year to finish what I've started, and to start things I must finish - make sense?
In knitting crochet and sewing terms, I don't have a lot of wips (liar) and I do finish most things I start (bigger liar)! 
No really, I never have a lot of things going at the same time, usually only 3 or 4, and always something in knitting and crochet, so when my "knitting" joints get sore from knitting, I can change to crochet to give them a rest.
What I am guilty of, is having a lot of projects lined up unstarted, and even more ideas and designs jotted down in the back of my book that I will get to ONE DAY, but that's all of us isn't it!

So this is the year of the finishing and the starting - perhaps not always in that order.
First up - 
The Finished
In a previous post I showed you the mystery Yarn Bombing project I started.

Here it is finished....
I "yarnbombed" a large metal Money Tin ( the type you find at discount stores)  to make a new donation tin for Knitting For Brisbane's Needy.

 The cover is crocheted in the round in nice bright colours, with a circular top with a slotted section, then the knitted K4BN patch was sewn on. 
Hopefully it will attract some clinking of coins at the events K4BN attend.

The next project that must be finished this year is this .....
I started it way back HERE early last year, so I'm motivated to get it finished, although I have a long way to go.

I have so much cotton stashed to make some Summer projects. I've unearthed some Bendigo Cotton in 8ply to start THIS from Drops Design.It will be perfect for our beautiful Summer nights in Brisbane.

And I've started another crochet blanket like this one I made a couple of years ago. Full of scrap yarn, there is no plan or rules with it, just big 30cm unholey  granny squares.

And finally I have a couple of Tea Cosy patterns to work on, bordering on the silly.
So I had better get busy


  1. I love all your rainbow & stripy things, Jen :o) I adore bright stripy socks, gloves, hats, scarves, umbrellas, wellies, bags etc. I really must learn to crochet so I can make myself a bright stripy blanket :o) Good luck with the starting/finishing - I have to do the 2nd sock of a pair I started over 2 years ago !! :o)

    1. Thanks I can see you love colours from your beautiful socks in your avatar lol. I know the finishing thing can be tough, especially when there are so many other things to make :-).

  2. Hi Jen - we are very alike. I can't stick at just one project for very long, and need to have several things on the go that I can dip in and out of. I love the bolero top, and look forward to seeing it when you've finished. Oh well - back to the sofa throw that I need to finish by tomorrow eve for DD2's birthday - no pressure there then!! x

    1. Good luck with the throw, sounds like it might be an all nighter lol.

  3. Hello Jen

    Absoloutely stunning I love the colours.

  4. Like your corner-square project. Good luck :-)

    1. Thanks Praestebedste I really like the squares, I hope to finish it before Winter - I have a few months yet (still another 6 weeks of Summer here)

  5. Since time is not enough I have more unfinished objects myself but I am always optimistic :-)

    1. Good luck finishing your projects too lol - Jen

  6. Hi Jen,
    I've been looking for inspiration for a blanket to use up some of my stash & your corner squares is just perfect. I'm also going to have a go at the shrug if I can find suitable yarn here in UK. Do you know if it's DK or 4ply?
    X Yvonne

    1. Glad I got you inspired for a new project Yvonne lol. I looked up the main yarn on Ravelry for the shrug and it's classed as dk, but I plan on doing a tension swatch to check it - Jen.


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