Friday, 18 January 2013

The White Dresser Project - almost there

You might remember the Dresser I bought from Old As - Antiques and Collectables after I finished restoring my Singer treadle sewing machine.....

The previous posts about it are HERE
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It's since been sanded by W and has been sitting dormant until after Christmas. I finally had it moved inside, into the family room so I could paint it in the aircon. We've been having 30C+  days here for the past month -  not good painting weather!

There really wasn't much more to be done to it, just 3 coats of paint, so here it is all painted with no handles yet, and pristine white....
It is still very rustic looking with some rough timber and it's handmade crookedness, but that definitely adds to it's charm. We removed the drawer handles but decided to keep the Trinket Draw handles on, they were a little difficult to remove, having a backing board behind them inside the drawer and were already painted white previously.
I think I might attempt to remove them now though and visit Paddington Hardware again (which has a large  and well priced range of handles in Brisbane) to find some new ones, if we can get them off without too much drama - yes I know could have, should have, didn't :-)

Because one of the original drawer handles was broken (top pic), we went hunting rather naively, to try to find an exact match rofl. Silly us lol, but I eventually settled for a set of 4 new ones.

There were sooo many to choose from, and I did come home wanting to put new handles on everything, and especially find somewhere for the delightful ceramic blue & white knobs I spotted there!
These ones have a nice Tulip design. They will compliment the flowery detail carved into the back boards above each trinket box, and they'll fit over the holes left by the old handles.

I want to now apply a coat of wax, so it doesn't have that chalky white paint finish. I've put a coat of Beeswax over both my treadles, but this time I'm using this, it's lighter, it will mellow the white a little, but will leave a lovely sheen on it.

At the same time as painting the Dresser, I painted this small cabinet, it's approx 40cms tall.
An ex-spice rack, it will soon be protector of tiny blue things (probably) on our Bedroom wall.  At least on this smaller piece, I could experiment with the wax finish before even touching the Dresser. I've waxed both doors and the difference in colour is quite minimal.

So now I think I'll give the paint on the Dresser a week or so to cure, apply the wax, replace the handles and it will be all done.
I'm not a fan of heavily distressed furniture, so I haven't roughed it up at all, but I know life in our house will eventually distress the Dresser naturally lol.
I couldn't resist "tarting" it up with some china for a photo shoot, so here it is in the dining room - minus the handles.
I think it needs a lovely blue floral fabric heart, hanging or placed somewhere in among the china .....a new project!

ETA on 17/2/2013 - here's a pics of it completely finished with the new handles. I'm leaving the handles on the trinket boxes as they are. I kind of like them white, they don't detract from the blue china.

Thanks so much for visiting my Blog - Jen.


  1. It's looks really good.

  2. That looks lovely, Jen. I don't have the patience or the ability to do anything like that. I think a blue & white gingham heart will look gorgeous on it - or any colour gingham, really, whatever matches your room :o)

    1. Thanks PJK - blue gingham has always been a favourite of mine, even as a little girl I loved it. I'm not allowed anymore furniture now :-O

  3. You've done a great job of restoring there Jenny! Love the blue and white china too :-)(of course)

  4. Thanks Maria, I did have help from the other half too :-)

  5. Looks great Jen. Love the clean lines it shows in white

    1. Thanks Maria - btw sending you the pattern you requested today - Jen.


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