Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Sewing Room

I recently came across this lovely array of sewing / craft rooms on Pinterest. I don't have a Pinterest account, not game to, I don't think I would return to the real world. I would be there pinning away forever, but it's nice to go there and be inspired.

My sewing room is a shambles, full of too many patterns, books and yarn crowding my work table at the moment, but it does have my lovely newly restored singer treadle residing in it now, so I promised I would clean up the rest of it....some time!

Luckily I had a cupboard full of shelves built into the hallway adjoining the room, to house all my fabrics and some yarn, but it filled up frighteningly quickly I'm afraid, as they always do :-O.

I know I can fit more storage into that room. Preferably something behind doors (as well as collecting sewing machines, I also collect dust did you know, and I feel I have more than enough right now).
The waist high entertainment unit that we've had for ever in nearly every room in the house, is looking very scared as I pace around the room. It knows it's not pulling it's weight in the storage game and it's trying to shrink down away from my steely cold stare...but I've spotted you aha!
While I love the nostalgia of you, and my family will tell you how much I become attached to my furniture, I'm afraid you have to go to make way for BETTER STORAGE! (I am sorry - really).

So feel free to sit down with me, have a Tea or Coffee and drool over all the fabulous rooms in this link.....
Sewing Room Ideas


  1. Hi Jen!
    I too continue to shy away from a Pinterest account ~ same reasoning!
    Love you restored Singer :)))
    Now I must get lost for a bit in the Land of Pinterest checking out these sewing room ideas with you {tea is ready}.

    1. Thanks Danette - white with 1 sugar thanks :-)

  2. Your restored machine is magnificent! Reminds me of the one an elderly neighbour had which fascinated me as a child. My mum had a Singer (electric) circa 1946 which I used in my teens and have stored in the wardrobe in one of the bedrooms. Have you read about/seen Bonnie Hunter's collection of old sewing machines? She's amazing!

    1. Thanks Maria, this one is my 2nd and by far my favourite. Dating at 1907 and having an uncommon and beautiful decal in excellent condition, it was a wonderful find. If you do a search back in the blog you'll find a few posts on the restoration process.
      Thank you for the link, Bonnie does have an extensive collection :-). Unfortunately I don't have the room for many more, but I do have a small collection of vintage machines and toy machines.They are very addictive!
      My Nana had a treadle as well.


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