Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Our Wild Weekend In Brisbane

If you haven't heard through world news, Queensland has once again been hit by a disastrous weather event.The remnant of Cyclone Oswald has continued down our east coast and has devastated first the coastal city of Bundaberg with unprecedented flooding and mini tornadoes, then finally moved down to cause more flooding and damage here in Brisbane.
Even tonight it still travels down the coast through New South Wales.

My heart goes out to all those who have been affected again, and to the families of the 4 people who tragically lost their lives over the past 4 days. It's only 2 years since the terrible 2011 Brisbane & S.E. Queensland floods, which I wrote of here when I first started blogging. Have I been doing this that long? Some people have only just finished renovating their homes, and building their businesses back up, to be hit yet again.

Thankfully the rivers peaked today and did not get up to the levels they did in 2011, so while thousands of homes have still been flooded, a lot were saved this time round.
I won't show photos here of other peoples heartache, but if you're interested in what's going on
this link will take you to local news

The 3 day weekend dramas didn't stop there, not for us anyway.

The weather event that passed through didn't only bring torrential rain but severe winds, the worst I've felt in this house. It started coming down from the north Sunday, worsening through the night,
bringing with it wind damage, trees down, car accidents, electricity blackouts.

Emergency services were being pushed to the limit. Then what happened at 1.30 am....
"Just Husband" started getting chest pains!
Not good, on the worst night of the year. Even though he's survived a previous heart attack, he stuffed around for an hour before telling me grrrr!
So 000 was called, with the realization that on a night like that, there may be a long, long wait for an Ambulance. He was thinking it, my son was thinking it, I was thinking I really should learn CPR.

Amazingly an Ambulance arrived within 10 minutes, we were lucky, they had been run off their feet prior to that. Even though we haven't had many Ambulance experiences, the guys were outstanding as they always are.
So after a sleepless night waiting for some info,(I opted not to make any of our sons drive on such a night), and thorough medical tests, the good news is it wasn't another heart attack. Relief!

Today the rain was gone, the sun was out trying to help the drying out process, but the humidity was off the charts!
Needless to say, I didn't get anything done I had planned to, except a few more squares for my crazy blanket - hopefully when finished, it will brighten someone's life a little - Jen



  1. Oh, Jen - what a bad few days & then to top it off with a hosopital visit. I hope your husband is feeling tons better now & that YOUR heart has stopped racing 19 to the dozen now :o) MEN !! :o) I hope the weather imoproves very soon & that everyone keeps safe.

    On a brighter note, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your crazy blanket squares :o) I'm going to TRY to crochet a load of Granny squares & sew them together for my 2 little grandsons for bed blankets. I fear they may be a LOT older than they are at the moment, before they receive them !! :o)

    1. Thanks PJK, we're both fine,yes MEN! I'll second that lol. We were very lucky, we don't flood here,and we never lost power for once, just internet/mobile.Brisbane is recovering. There is a risk of water shortage, with treatment plants being shut down, but we live in a modern innovative city, which is now used to disaster planning I'm afraid. Good luck with the granny squares, they do grow quickly, but I'm sure I also have some knitting tucked away that is older than my boys lol.

  2. Oh Jenny what a week you've had.
    Very pleased hubby is OK,what a worry.
    The blanket squares are lovely and bright.
    Loads of love to you all Laura xx

    1. Thanks Laura,I'm trying to get at least this blanket finished now. We should just cancel January I think,this morning they are watching a low off Cairns which could form into a cyclone - ridiculous!

  3. What a scare you've all had with your DH's chest pains! I'm so glad that he's ok :-)
    Lovely colourful squares you've got there; I might try that square! In all the years I've been crocheting I've never done one like that! lol
    I just saw your reply to laurajane...not another one!

    1. Thanks Maria, it's always on my mind that he's a ticking timebomb lol but glad he was checked out thoroughly, it eases the mind a bit. I'll catch up with other's blogs soon, but hope you didn't sustain any damage, I wonder how Mum's old home in EP faired.

  4. Jenny, It hasn't been a fun few weeks in Australia has it ... bushfires, now floods!

    Glad that the chest pains weren't a heart attack. I know that feeling only too well!
    Am sure , knowing him, he will soon be back to "normal".

    I JUST love those squares and can visualise them in a beautiful blanket! Well done!

  5. Thanks Karen,hope you didn't get a lot of water/wind damage up there. Yes all things are back to normal :-P. The blanket grows quickly, I have colours set aside to make a less colourful one after this.


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