Thursday, 31 January 2013

Finders Keepers - Family Jewels

Late last year, I found 50c jewelry findings reduced for clearance -

I found the Family charms first and instantly fell in love with them, so rummaged through the other reduced stock to find some more 50c treasures in "Boho" gold to go with them.

I imagined a necklace with the family charm, and then a heart for each loved one in my family.
I cut the chain to size, and already had a set of toggle clasps - so much easier to do up than those horrid  little traditional clasps, that I couldn't even do up when I didn't have Arthritis!


I used some of the links from the leftover chain for the split rings, they were nice and strong and tied it all together (um literally).
Then I explained to the 2 out of 3 adult sons that were at home at the time of the showing, that I put 2 large hearts and 2 small hearts on because: 
A - It looked better that way and
B - There were only 3 large hearts in the pack and that would look lopsided and crappy
NOT because I loved any of them less and that I love them all equally as much, for the 600000th time since they were born gaaaaaah! 

My $1.50 Family Jewels


  1. You certainly spotted a bargain with those findings Jenny. The necklace is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Maria,it was a nice find :-)

  2. Wow can I come shopping with you, so I too can find "bargains"

    The necklace is just beautiful...I fell in love as soon as I saw it!

    Wonderful job, as usual, Jen!

    1. Thanks Karen, so nice! I'd love to go shopping with you one day, but of course it would be yarn wouldn't it :-)


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