Thursday, 17 January 2013

Finders Keepers - Cromalin Willo Ware & the Elephant

I found this little set recently and loved the Chrome and Willow Design.
Made in England back in the 60's? by Swan, and made in Chrome or Cromalin as it's marked on the bottom, it was no doubt the poor man's silver back then.
So retro now I adore it!
After checking a few out on Ebay I'm pleased with what I paid for them, and they're in excellent condition with barely a scratch or any pitting.
When I found the trio I considered the pot to be a coffee pot, not a Teapot. From what I can find out, the set originally came as a set of 4 with a Teapot, and this one was classed as a "Hot Water" pot. Looks just like today's trendy teapots to me.
Here's a close up of the design - very hard to photograph but you can see the willow pattern.

And now the Elephant

I have never collected for monetary gain, the fun has always been about finding interesting and different things - which by definition is a collection. Some things are pretty, some are not lol.

Don't get me wrong, I looove this little elephant teapot, it cost me $4.50 and the money went back to a charity.....but the friend I go junk shopping with does not lol.
I have vowed whenever she comes over for tea I will make her tea in this little pot until she comes around to loving him.I think I might have to knit him a bright beanie or half a tea cosie to brighten him up a bit - Jen.


  1. I have never seen anything like this!
    It is gorgeous :)))
    How fun for you to own it!

  2. Lol Danette, the elephant or the tea set? - thanks for whichever anyway :-) - Jen

  3. Jen,
    I love the little elephant and am absolutely in love with the tea set...that is beautiful!!!

    Karen xx

    1. Thanks Karen, I love the elephant the best, he looked a little lonely on the shelf - like Dumbo - Jen.

  4. I saw a patern tht you apparently concocted for a knitted kitty on Pinterest. Is that pattern available?
    Lyn in NC, USA

    1. Hi Lyn, if you go to my free pattern page (click the little mouse tea cosy photo it will take you there) all the links to my free patterns are there.....
      or else use this link

  5. AnonymousMay 22, 2013

    I just found the hot water pot in a Trades Day sale this last week end. I just love it and wish I had the sugar and creamer set to go with it. I love the little elephant tea pot too. He is cute.

  6. LOVE the elephant!!!!!! Just what I need as I'm an Alabama fan!!

  7. LOVE the elephant!!!! Just what I need as I'm a huge Alabama fan!

    1. CaroleLR I had to go and find out the significance of the Elephant with I know!
      I like the 2nd story better, where they all ran out on the field like a herd of Elephants, instead of the luggage tag story lol. How wonderful that the team's origins go way back to the 1930's - Jen.


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