Monday, 19 November 2012

Brisbane Thunderstorms

Sorry I haven't been here much. I've been busy getting some things finished for people before Christmas and I appear to be totally organised this year (appearances can be deceptive though). I have a few more Cosies I need to get done, but I'm travelling well. I've even been able to take a week off and sit at the sewing machine to sew some items for an upcoming Homeless Christmas Party here in Brisbane. I have a few more things to finish, then I'll load some pics to show.

It's almost Summer here in Bris, only a couple of weeks to go, but like every year the summer storms arrive well before the calendar tells us they should. We've had a string of thunderstorms over the weekend, with damaging hail, wind, rain and lightning. Our Weather Bureau is always on the ball, predicting these things and putting out appropriate warnings, but the storms intensity can be unpredictable...and they're getting worse!
Here's some pics from yesterday afternoon, and we were lucky, we just got the edge of this storm, with no golf ball size hail, like other areas in Brisbane.

This was about 5pm, it's light here until 6.30pm atm. The light started to go so we walked outside to see what we were in for this time.

Within a couple of minutes it was closer

5 minutes later, this is when I dragged the (adult) kids back inside, and went to turn the oven up a bit so my Lasagne would be cooked in case we lost power. The storms are mesmerizing to watch, but the lightning is deadly.
(thanks Natalie for this last photo).

Another beautiful day today, looking in the same direction as the previous photo, but already close to 31C and with the prediction of another storm tonight :-)
If you're at all interested in keeping track of our Summer storms for the next 3 months here in Brisbane, here's the link to our local weather radar, it's also in my Favourite Links called BOM.


  1. The weekend storm cells were crazy. I took photos of the sky at different points as well, sunny one minute, pouring the next. and today it's stinking hot again! ARG!

    Hope you made it through unscathed!

    1. Hope you're both OK too Bel, today got to 37C apparently, but hopefully no storm tonight.


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