Thursday, 6 September 2012

Vote K4BN - Great News!

Well the Winner has been announced for the Sunsuper competition. While we did come 2nd in the voting, occasionally Sunsuper also award a bonus $5000 from time to time and this month, while awarding the winner $5000 they have also awarded $5000 to Knitting For Brisbane's Needy.  
We are all so excited for Karen Croke and very grateful to Sunsuper for considering K4BN to be a worthy enough cause to give an extra $5000 to. We've known for a few days, and have been jumping up and down (as you would) but thought I'd wait until it was officially announced.
 HERE'S  the link so you can have a read yourselves. Knitting For Brisbane's Needy now also has a causes page on Facebook as well as the private FB group, and also the original Yahoo Group.
There's nothing like that special feeling of happiness, when you're so happy for someone else!

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