Saturday, 29 September 2012

K4BN TV Segment - Riverfire Tonight

Hello all,
If you live in Brisbane, make sure you look out for the Sunsuper segment on K4BN tonight, during the RIVERFIRE broadcast.

Due to the recent prize of $5000 awarded to K4BN by Sunsuper, and because Sunsuper is a sponsor of RIVERFIRE a film crew recently attended one of the Knit and Natters and have done a story on the group.

We don't know what time it will air, but the broadcast begins at 6.30pm on Channel 9.

Just Added -  if you live in other parts of the world you may be able to view it from this site -
Channel 9 News    



  1. Ohh I saw that segment!! Go K4BN!

  2. Yay Bel - Karen did an excellent job she was speaking from her heart so I guess it's easy then. We went on our ghost tour tonight so I had to tape it, but just watched it not long ago - Jenny.


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