Saturday, 15 September 2012

I'm a Tiny Bit Superstitious

I've recently been going over some old posts adding labels to all of them - huge job but I'm plodding away at it. Reading some of them has made me realise, just how superstitious I am.

I've mentioned in previous posts that I solemnly believe putting Christmas decorations up before the 1st of December to be unlucky - and who needs bad luck at Chrissie so that's a crucial one. Of course it's bad luck to take them down before New Year's Day as well.
I see others not adhering to the "rule" as I walk past houses in November and see their festive wreaths already on their doors. I seriously feel a little frightened for them and wonder do they scoff superstition, did their parents not teach them, or have they evolved and I haven't?
Well perhaps it's just because it's quite annoying, that they're organised for Christmas by November and I'm not!

So why are we superstitious?  Is it a real fear of the unknown, or just the fun our parents had screwing with our heads as children, as did their parents before them? I consider myself to be intelligent, and prefer to hang out with fact not fiction, and I don't live every moment of my life via superstitions, but still they exist in me.


Some time ago I was discussing with one of my adult sons, some of the silly but powerful things I taught them as children. The opening umbrellas indoors was a biggy (and they mock me all the time with that one), and the breaking mirrors one was also told, along with many others. We laughed at my continual insistence not to run with scissors, which of course is common-sense not a superstition, but as he defiantly picked up my scissors and tried to run with them, he just couldn't do it  - yep my job as a Mother was done!

Of course as kids, they worked out fairly early why not to walk under ladders, and black cats are scary anyway because they belong to witches (I didn't tell them that one, they told me). I happen to know some very nice black cats and their equally nice owners, and they're actually considered good luck in some countries.
I wonder if the boys now touch wood when they hear an Ambulance siren, and if when their ears are ringing, do they go through names of people they know, to find out who is talking about them - now that's a tough one, considering a teenager these days has an average 200 friends on Facebook.

In researching superstition I found some hilarious ones :
-  Holding your breath as you go past a Cemetery, or you may breath in the soul of someone recently departed.
- Seeing an Ambulance is bad luck unless you pinch your nose & hold your breath until you see a black or brown dog.
- If cows lift their tails it's an indication of rain - I'll leave that one alone.
- If you drop your scissors on the floor, it means your lover is being unfaithful - considering I drop scissors continuously while I sew & craft, my partner must be quite tired by now!

Of course what does a superstitious person do?
They book themselves into a local  Cemetery Ghost Tour don't they! It makes perfect sense (not) but that's what I've done nonetheless. Stupid Bucket List!
Who invented that Bucket List idea anyway?

I'll be fine though, after all I'll have my lucky Black Kitty Charm with me.

There are so many more superstitions from different parts of the world. Let me know what your favourite ones are.... Jen.
Wish me luck!


  1. Haha great post,I do all of the above.
    What I do most is salute solitary magpies.My husband laughs his head of in the car,when I am saying (good morning mr magpie ) while saluting .both my daughters do it too.And yes ,I have a bucket list....
    Laura xx
    Ps do you throw spilt salt over your shoulder....

  2. Lol Laura, I've never heard of saluting Magpies, although maybe we should, my son was swooped by one up the road the other day, and it drew blood. I wonder has it protected you so far?
    I don't throw spilt salt over my shoulder, but strangely my son has done it, might be from spending time with Grandma :-)

  3. That cemetery picture is so eery!!!
    I love your kitty in hand. But I'd be petrified to take the tour. Can't wait to hear about it from you.

  4. I'll see how I go when I get there Danette lol, surprisingly I'm not as nervous about it as I thought - yet. The photo is one I took when we were searching for family graves, it looks quite effective altered.
    The kitty pattern is coming in a future post - if I survive the Cemetery GULP!

  5. Justjen... Came across your blog and love your crafts especially the Bear and Cat Bauble... I would love to have the cat charm pattern, pretty please. I have a granddaughter who is crazy about CATS!!! I plan to knit a lot of cat theme stuff and give it to her for her 21st birthday!

  6. Hi Debbie, I'm definitely putting it up, I just haven't had time to check the pattern & write it up etc. I plan on putting it up on the weekend sometime. Thanks for the lovely comment - Jen.

  7. being in opera, i think we are the most superstitious of all. never put a hat on your bed or a chair (that's what hat stands are for). throwing spilt salt over your left shoulder blinds the devil to your waste. then of course there's all the triskedecaphobia (13) but since if it weren't for bad luck i wouldn't have any at all. most of my superstitions are worked in reverse: salt over the right sholder, always use the numbers 3, 5, and 13, never completely close an umbrella, still knock three times on wood though. i love the kitty talisman and will soon have my own thank you so much for the pattern.

  8. Funny thing, superstition. My Mum was very superstitious - all the same things as you say - but I am not superstitious at all! I even have my own Magpie rhyme - One for sunshine, two for rain - as I don't like the other, gloomy one!


    1. I suppose I learnt some superstitions from my Mother, but I think my Grandmother was worse!
      I don't know the gloomy magpie rhyme, you'll have to tell me ...please :-).


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