Friday, 21 September 2012

Finders Keepers

Wooden Beads

The other week I found these beautiful wooden beads at my favourite $2 store, Bargain City at Strathpine. 
They have a nice range of jewellery findings, beads, some Sullivan's 4ply cotton and sometimes I'll find something unusual.

I knew I had some Memory Wire from another project, so thought they'd look alright as a snakey wind around bracelet or would you call it a bangle, you know what I mean. 
Memory Wire "remembers" it's curved shape so is ideal for bangles, wrap around bracelets like this one, and also comes in larger sizes to make necklaces.

This piece was long enough to wind around my wrist 4 times, with a bit to spare. One end was already looped over so I started with a small gold bead to anchor the other beads, then just threaded away.
Here it is stretched out to show. I finished with another gold bead and looped the end over the same as  the start

So that's my $2 Wooden Bracelet / Bangle and I have a few beads left to make some Stitch Markers


  1. This is FABULOUS! Great job Jenny :)

  2. Thanks Danette - you're lovely :-)


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