Monday, 10 September 2012

Finders Keepers

My latest shop took in a few of our favourite local haunts, including one place that never lets us down.
I specifically went looking for patterns, although I saw a very nice tall stainless steel coffee pot with the lid stamped with a familiar Seventies pattern. It was $10 I left it there but wonder if I should go back. I have a couple of Coffee pots and I did like this one, but I only had a small budget to spend on this outing so I reluctantly waved it good-bye.

I probably came home with a dozen patterns, there were a couple of  treasures among them which I'll use to make future projects here, but the pick of the bunch was this-

Australian Home Journal, 1st October 1952,  it was hiding amid some old knitting patterns.
I have a few old magazines like this from around the same era. The 50's were a time for rebuilding and  spending on the home front, as the economy recovered from the War. The magazines were consumer heaven for the young housewife. I love the ads in them advertising the most popular stoves and refrigerators, the familiar stalwarts like Arrowroot Biscuits and Johnson's Baby Powder, and the marvellous new colour ranges in Formica and Laminex.

When I opened it there was the original paper dressmaking pattern, still there and unfolded since it's inclusion 60 years ago.

I sat down for an enlightened read, after all it was in one of these 1950's magazines that I learned the home hint of pegging the bottom of your sheets together on the line, to stop them from winding around the line in the wind - we all knew that right?
The fashion is dazzling and oh so Fifties, reminding me of the paper dolls I used to cut out and dress in the Sixties.
There's recipes, Chocolate Fudge Cake made with a whole slab of Copha - deadly, and Mac Cheese made  with a block of cheddar cheese, a bit of milk and Worcestershire Sauce, which my son would probably love because he's a fan of Wort Sauce.
There's a few knitting patterns including a Tea Cosy with the loveliest tiny flowers. While there's no explanation how to make the flowers, I'm very keen on reproducing them, lots of work but worth it.

Amongst all the advertising it was disturbing to see at least 10 ads for Weight Loss remedies, such as
Bile Beans, (the world can thank Australia for these apparently). The miracle products were all laxatives in some shape or form of course. How ironic that eating disorders and body image problems were labelled a disease of the Eighties, Nineties and Naughties!
Thanks for staying and having a read - Jen.


  1. I taught myself to knit, crochet, tat, etc. from many of these old magazines, which I received from next door neighbours. I held onto them for years!

    Congratulations on the Sunsuper award!! Still not sure what the company does, but glad it gives back.

    Julie (from Canada)

  2. Hi Julie, I learnt the same way as you, from our Women's Weekly Handcrafts Book, and from Mum & her Golden Hands books(I still have both).
    Thanks for the congratulations for K4BN. Sunsuper is a superannuation fund company (Retirement Funds)it is good that they give back - Jen.


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