Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Progress on the White Dresser

Hi all,
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You might remember my white Dresser back in this POST.
I finally got time to sit down, read the instructions for the lead tester and hold my breath while I tested the dresser for lead. Depending on the results, it will either be a fairly easy job or a massive one if I can't sand and have to strip the paint.
The test kit comes with two plastic vials enabling two separate test applications. Because of the cost of the test (I fell over in-store) I wanted to get it right the first time, so I could keep the other one for future use.

The vial has a sponge applicator on one end, and two enclosed capsules inside which you must press and break on either end, to enable the chemicals to mix for the test. You only get a couple of minutes to do the test so I made sure I had a few test areas ready on the dresser before I started.
If there are several layers of paint, you need to cut a wedge shape through the layers to get an accurate result for lead in underlying coats of paint.
The area tested will turn red if there is lead present.

The kit also comes with a test card, with several test circles printed on it. Each circle has a small amount of lead on it. If you test your item and there is no reaction, you must then test the card to make sure the applicator isn't defective. The area within the circle will turn red immediately if the tester is working properly. If it doesn't you need to purchase another kit....hmmm!

Well I tested a few areas on the top, legs, drawers and they all had NO reaction to lead so good news!
It looks like the dresser had been stained or varnished originally and someone has just painted a couple of coats over it in a Shabby Chic moment.
Now I can give it a sand, and do some fresh coats of white. I don't want it to look perfect, I want to retain it's shabby look but not as shabby as it is now :-). I don't think it's enamel paint, but I'll test with some acrylic I have here, to make sure it doesn't bubble up.
Now to decide which "white" ridiculous!


  1. What a fabulous piece! Have fun with it.

  2. Thanks Danette, I can't wait to get it all done and see it in the house!


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